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Options to Conceal Hair Loss Include Hair Fibers

Hair loss is an issue that affects all types of people in the world. It’s a rampant problem that has people trying out various different methods for hair loss prevention and treatment. There is a solution that covers bald spots like no other — the hair loss concealer.

How Do I Conceal Hair Loss?

how to conceal hair loss

When people experience hair loss, it’s not uncommon for them to feel embarrassed and frustrated. The good news is that there are different options out there to help with handling a lack of hair on the head. However, not all treatments and products for hair loss are created equally. In fact, some of the best options for correcting hair loss include hair loss concealers, hair fiber, and hair transplant. While hair transplants can unfortunately be both pricey and painful, hair fibers and hair loss concealers do just the trick for those who struggle with hair loss and who want to have a fuller head of hair.

Best Options for Hiding Hair Loss

Hair Fibers

Using hair fibers to conceal hair loss is one of the best options out there for people because it looks so natural. Finally Hair fibers are composed of 100% natural materials. One of the more obvious benefits of using hair fibers instead of turning to a surgery like a hair transplant is that there is no medical procedure involved – you can apply the hair fibers yourself! An even better benefit of the hair loss concealer is that the price is a mere fraction of the hair transplant.

hair loss concealer

What Are Finally Hair Fibers?

Finally Hair Fibers allow bald spots to be covered up in such an unbelievable way. These hair fibers can simply be applied to the specific areas on the head that need hair coverage by tapping the hair fiber bottle to get the fibers to fall in place on the targeted areas.

With 20 shades of colors to choose from, Finally Hair Loss Concealer can be matched simply with real hair. When it comes to an easy hair color match and unbeatable pricing for hair fibers, Finally Hair is the best hair product line to turn to.

Get thicker hair with these products from finally hair

Hair fall and hair loss:

Having a head full of beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. Even men do not lag far behind. They also want a fuller head. Nobody wants a bald head that shines in bright daylight. Thinning hair has become a very common problem for almost everyone. Hair fall has become a very common problem not only for women but also for men. Even there is not certain age group. Even young girls are facing hair loss problems.

Hair fall is a very basic mechanism of our body. It is quite similar to falling of leaves from trees. In case of trees when the old leaves fall new leaves grow in their places. So trees are always full of leaves even when lots of leaves fall daily. Similarly many hair strands fall off from your head but you never go bald because in place of the falling hair strands new hair takes its place. But there is a certain number which is considered as normal.

The average number of hair falling every day that is considered normal is 50 to 100. When the number of hair strands falling daily increases, then it is considered abnormal. This happens because the rate at which hair is falling is faster than the rate of growing. So the hair starts thinning.

How to get thicker hair:

With such advanced technology there are many artificial ways to get thicker hair. If you are more supportive of the natural way then you can opt for natural ways too.Artificial ways of thickening hair includes hair transplant or using a wig. Hair transplant can be very time consuming and is painful. And sometimes the process might fail. Wearing wigs can be itchy and might not look artificial.

Whereas opting for natural process will result in a much natural look which does not look artificial. Castor oil, onion juice, ginseng are some of the things that can give you a fuller mane. Although the natural ways take more time than the artificial ones but they are preferable.

What are hair fibers?

But the best option to get a fuller beautiful hair is by using hair fibers. These are keratin protein fibers when shaken on to the scalp it gets attracted to hair present on the head. As soon as they cling to the hair strands they give a fuller and denser look to the already existing hair.

Get fuller hair with Finally Hair filler fibers and you can enjoy thicker hair.  The fibers are available in 20 colors and they match everyone.

fuller hairorder hair fibers

Hair Fiber Directions

Hair Fiber Directions: Finally Hair building fiber is an instant solution to conceal hair loss. The hair fiber is easy to apply. It comes in a refillable applicator bottle or in refill bags. Simply shake the bottle to apply the fibers over your thin areas and watch them disappear. Use our Finally Hair Fiber Lock Spray to lock the fibers in. And you Finally have hair! Now you look better, feel younger and have regained confidence. The fiber is virtually undetectable.  They are made of natural ingredients that is statically charged. Finally Hair Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. Finally Hair resists wind, rain and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo.

Finally Hair Directions:

hair fiber directions

The optimum hair building fibers application method is as follows:

1) Style your hair for maximum coverage using our medium spray. Do not use the medium spray to lock the fibers – it won’t.  It is a styling spray.

2) Use fhPrep… a light mist and let it dry for a minute or two – it helps the fibers to stand up and look more natural. fhPrep has side benefits too, like if you spray it on your face, the ingredients help release wrinkles and keep skin healthy.

Alternatively, apply the Finally Hair Dab-on Concealer to create a base coat in the color that matches your hair.  If your hairline is thin, visualize it and use the Dab-on to darken from the hairline back. You can also use the Dab-on to cover areas where you don’t want the gray to show.

3) Apply the fibers using either the shaker bottle or the spray applicator bottle.

4) Use the strong spray to lock the fibers to your hair.

The Finally Hair applicator bottle contains these abbreviated directions (due to space constraints):

Apply hair fibers to dry hair. Hold the container like a salt shaker above your head and start sprinkling the fibers evenly over the area needed coverage. Shake and sprinkle gently until you have achieved the desired coverage. Do not over spill – in most cases less is more. Lightly pat the hair fibers down after applying to the hair.

Finally Hair will work best on hair at least an inch and a half long.

Finally Hair Fibers hold longer when a hair spray is used on hair after fibers are applied. We highly recommend Finally Hair Fiber Lock Spray.

To remove the fiber wash your hair with shampoo.  Dry it gently.

Here are some tips on how to apply the fiber so they look their best:
  • First shampoo your hair or wet it. We suggest Finally Hair Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioner for a great result.
  • Dry your hair completely.  The fibers cling best on totally dry hair.  The fibers are magnetized to grab on to your existing hair and scalp so use them sparingly. When it comes to fibers, less is more.  Don’t over apply the fibers. Once the thin area looks dark, the odds are you have applied enough.
  • Style your hair for maximum coverage.  You may want to grow some parts of your hair a little longer so when you comb it, the hair covers very thin areas.  Some people call this a comb over however in the world of Finally Hair we call this a great foundation for the hair fibers to cling to. Remember, they are called “hair building fibers” because the fiber particles form little branches on an existing strand of hair which gives the appearance that it is not a single hair. A single strand of hair can simulate the trunk of a tree where there are suddenly so many branches that add fullness, body, and fill in the missing regions of the scalp creating the effect of a full head of hair.

  • Do not use gel or any products that will leave your hair wet. When the hair is wet, the fibers become wet.  This causes a clumping effect.  The goal is to not clump up the fibers.  
  • Make sure the room you apply the fibers in is not overly humid.  If you just took a shower in a small bathroom, the humidity can be as much as 100%. This will make anything in the room wet, including the fibers.  Again, we don’t want to wet the fibers. They should be applied in a dry room on dry hair.
  • You can mix the fibers to get the exact color you desire. If you mix the fibers, you may want to remove the sifter from the bottle and shake them.  Then reapply the sifter.
  • Hair fibers can be a little messy.  We suggest hanging a mirror in your shower or in a confined area which is easy to rinse or clean. Of course if you apply the fibers in the shower, make sure it is dry and please be careful not to slip or fall. 
  • You can use a second hand mirror to apply the fibers to the back or your hair. The use of the hand mirror and the wall mirror should give you a perfect view of all sides of your head.
  • It is often better to tap the side of the applicator bottle rather than shake it. Tapping the bottle will release a precise flow of fibers.  Shaking it can sometimes disperse a wider flow which is not quite as easy to control.  
  • Tap the bottle gently to cover thin areas.  Again don’t over apply the fibers. Just tap until the area is the color of the fibers you use. 
  • Pat your head gently with your hand to distribute the fibers a bit more. 
  • Spray your hair with Finally Hair Fiber Lock spray to lock the fibers in.
  • We do not recommend brushing your hair once the fibers are in place.  Brushing your hair can remove the fibers. 

Why is the hair spray so important?

  • Finally Hair fibers do not contain any harmful ingredients like silica, DMD hydantoin, ammonium chloride, preservatives, drying agents, animal products (which potentially contain bacteria), etc.  While those ingredients could make the fibers stick a little better without hair spray, they are also on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) SEVERE WARNING LIST of what NOT to use on your skin.  Finally Hair does not use those ingredients in our fibers when hair spray works better without endangering our customers health. Our fibers are the pro-health choice.
  • Hair spray is the key to holding the fibers in place. It is required.
  • The fibers static charge is meant only to hold the fibers in place during the styling process.
  • The wrong hair spray can cause the fibers to clump.  Then the fibers often get blamed.  Its not the fibers.
  • The wrong hair spray can also break down during the day and cause the fibers to move.
  • The ideal spray is a pump spray.  An extra or maximum hold pump spray is preferred. Finally Hair STRONG Fiber Lock spray is the best. It is a very strong spray that washes out easily.
  • Ideally you want the spray nozzle to shoot a thin mist of spray.  The mist will not move the fibers while a stream of spray may move them or cause too much hair spray to be applied.
  • Aerosol sprays can work however they can also blow the fibers off and move them which will also make them look clumped. If you use an aerosol spray we suggest you hold the can at least 6 inches from your hair and spray ever so gently.  Try to spray so the spray comes out at half speed.  Some aerosol sprays allow you to press the button half way for more of a mist rather than a stream of spray.
  • Like the fibers, less is more.  Don’t over apply the hair spray.  Avoid the helmet look.  Rest assured that the fibers are very light and they don’t need to be flooded with hair spray to stay on all day.  Just a mist will do it.

Here is a video that shows how the fibers are applied:

How do you refill your bottle? All Finally Hair bottles are refillable so you can save money by using refill bags after the initial bottle purchase. Watch this quick video to learn how to open the bottle. It is easy as 1-2-3!

We hope you will enjoy our products. Should you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We also welcome suggestions. Our goal is to make the best product and to have the happiest customers.  Thank you for your business!