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Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern hair loss is a hereditary disease induced by age, hormonal imbalance, severe disease or side-effects of medicines. This female hair loss is of permanent type and thus its treatment predominantly focuses on how to stop hair loss. To treat the disease dermatologist may resort to one or more female hair loss treatment plans to get optimal results. Some of the most common treatment options are:-

  • Minoxidil is the non-prescription treatment for the disease that has been approved by the FDA. It was predominantly used as hair loss solutions for men but now can be used for females as well. It takes one year minimum to verify the success or failure of this method. Pregnant women or those breast feeding should not take this treatment.
  • Spironolactone is a diuretic medicine used on women who failed to respond to Minoxidil. This medicine also takes 6 months to one year to give verifiable results.
  • Hair transplant is a permanent solution for those who qualified candidates who have realistic expectations.
  • Psychological counseling is definitely recommended to come to terms with the situation and live with the hair loss.

Understanding and Diagnosing Female Pattern Hair Loss

If you notice your ponytail or braid thinning out or your part widening, it’s natural for you to get despondent and ask, ‘why is my hair thinning?’ Well, the chances are quite high that you may be suffering from female pattern hair loss. Like men, this also signifies a specific pattern of female hair loss induced by age, hormones and genes. It is a progressive condition which normally starts manifesting itself after the age of 40 and very rarely it reaches the stage of baldness like it reaches in males.

Female pattern hair loss can be diagnosed by an expert medical examination and probably some tests. The most common way of diagnosing it is by looking at its appearance along with the pattern of the hair loss and by testing and eliminating all other reasons as to what causes hair loss. Varied medical procedures like skin biopsy can also be employed for diagnosing all other medical conditions that can cause thin hair. Hair analysis and hormonal check also assist in diagnosing the disease.

It’s important to realize here that the hair loss induced here is permanent. The treatment focuses on how to stop hair loss. Opting for hair concealers and hair fibers from finallyhair.com can be ideal remedy to the situation.

Immediate Female Hair Loss Solution

Have you tried Finally Hair building fibers?  Many females have turned to Finally Hair to conceal and cover their hair loss as an instant female hair loss solution.

The way it works is simple.  You sprinkle on the hair loss concealer fibers and the thin spots disappear right before your eyes.  The hair fibers attach to your existing hair an scalp.  You will look younger and feel better about yourself immediately.  The result is amazing.

female hair loss before after


The best way to apply the fibers is to spray on a mist of the prep solution first.  The prep solution will prepare your scalp for the fibers and make them stand more upright so they look really nice and natural.

female hair loss prep solution

Next apply the fibers and lock them on with the fiber lock hair spray.

female hair loss

Now enjoy the results!

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Regardless of age and sex, all of us want to look attractive and beautiful at all times. Hair is an important element for outward beauty and positive impression on others. Regardless of what causes hair loss, one desperately seeks ways of how to stop hair loss and search suitable products for thinning hair. Hair building fibers are getting extremely popular as an instant remedy for hair loss.

Made of the natural plants, protein, and keratin, these hair fibers are formed using a special anti-microbial process. These bond to your natural hair within seconds and remain undetectable even in broad sunlight. Working as instant thinning hair treatments, they immediately arsenal you with a thick, lush and attractive mane thick hair.

These fibers lack any chemicals and thus are terrific hair thickeners. Magnetized with static energy, they tend to instantly twine with your own thinning hair to give that voluminous look. They are even resistant to strong winds and rains while retaining its luster and originality. They are available in wide range of colors to cater to any color of hair and ooze off a completely natural look.

However, one needs to exercise caution here and only use products of high quality from  finallyhair.com to avoid any irritation or discomfort to the scalp.

Finally Hair building fibers do not contain any silica or hydantoin which some think are questionable for your health,  We strive to use natural ingredients and dyes to form the best hair fibers on the market at the most reasonable prices.

With 20 colors to choose from, what ever color your hair we have your shade and your back.  We are watching out for our customers with good health in mind.  Please see this hair building fiber color chart:

hair building fibers

What you need:

  1. fhPrep, our prep solution which is applied first after you style your hair to achieve best coverage;
  2. Our 28 gram .99 ounce refillable bottle in your color;
  3. Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray;

After you use up the initial bottle, you can order refill bags.

Please see our products.

hair fibers for hair loss prevention

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Youtube Video Demonstration of how to apply our fibers:  http://youtu.be/m-SfywCo2ds  – This video is not edited or speed enhanced.  It shows how easy it is to apply!