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New Approaches for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment – New approaches

No stone has been left upturned by humans to understand causes of hair loss in women and men and find guaranteed hair loss treatment solutions for how to regrow hair. However, a comprehensive, reliable and fast method to preventing hair loss unfortunately seems to still a distant dream. Currently, we have three types of hair regrowth systems to restore back the thick mane of hair naturally. They are –

  • Low level Laser Therapy is a terrific alternative to medication and is known to stimulate hair growth. But its results are in very low proportion after a long duration of treatment for hair loss prevention.
  • Medical Hair Growth Treatment is where various FDA approved medicines like Finasteride, Minoxidil, Ketoconazole etc are used to prevent hair loss and try to regrow hair. However, these medicines exhibit temporary effectiveness with plentiful of side effects.
  • Surgical Hair Transplant is the most successful treatment for hair loss so far with satisfactory results. However, the limitation of the process is both high expense and limitation of availability of donor hair.

If you are the one looking for thinning hair treatments, any one of the above methods may prove effective. However, one can also resort to the highly revolutionary Finally Hair loss concealers and hair thickeners for instant results. How does it work?

Simply put you sprinkle the fibers on, add hair spray and your hair is now full again.  This is a marvelous approach to hair loss in women and hair loss in men that works immediately.

You can use your medical hair growth treatment right along with it.

Many hair surgeons recommend Finally Hair fibers because one surgical hair transplant may not be enough.  Sometimes you need multiple surgical hair transplants to achieve a full look. So the combination of hair fibers and hair transplants can be the answer.

Wash, dry and style your hair. Try to cover all the thinning balding areas.  Then here are the items we recommend:

  1. Prep Solution – Spray a light mist of it over your dry hair and wait a minute for it to become tacky.
  2. Finally Hair Fibers – pick the color that matches your hair.  There are 20 colors to choose from.
  3. Hair Spray – lock the fibers to your hair with fiber hold spray.  Finally Hair makes 2 varieties, a medium and a strong.  The medium is great for styling your hair.  The strong holds the fibers in.

Here is a picture of these products.

hair loss treatment



Hair Thickeners and Hair Fibers – What You Need to Know

Hair Thickeners and Hair Fibers – What You Need to Know

Hair loss for both sexes has assumed such gigantic stature and demand that how to prevent hair loss has become the subject of intense research at Finally Hair.

Various thinning hair treatments and hair restoration products are in today’s market and new ones appear on a regular basis. But do they work?  How effective are they?  Are they worth the money?  What are the results? How long do they take to work?  What are the side effects? These are all questions that consumers want to know and they deserve answers.

In coming months Finally Hair intends to introduce hair loss products that contain ingredients that have proven to stimulate hair growth.   Our company prides itself on cutting edge products that give people great results and enjoyment.  Currently Finally Hair has created a separate niche for itself with products that are lower cost and more competitive than other competitor companies. Its natural keratin fibers are the best hair thickeners and they have revolutionized the cosmetic world.

Highly advanced scientifically, it merges with the natural hair as indistinguishable components to provide natural volume and appearance of thicker hair instantly. Unlike messy creams or old-fashioned sprays, these fibers are prepared by specialized micro-fiber technology and are incredibly safe, easy and highly effective to use.

Made of 100 percent natural ingredients hair thickening fibers, these are totally nontoxic, vegetarian, bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Completely harmless to skin and hair, they can easily be used by both men and women of all ages. They can not only be used with various hair care products but can also be easily removed by a simple shampoo wash, preferably the best hair loss shampoo.  Stay tuned as we have this coming out.

As one of the most revolutionary products for thinning hair available in varied colors, these can astoundingly change your entire physical appearance in just a couple of minutes.

Our color selection is larger than any other company.  You can choose from Black, Soft Black, Dark Chocolate Brown (for people with very dark brown hair and no red), Dark Brown (for people with dark brown hair with a very slight hint of red), Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Medium Brown, Dark Blonde, Golden Blonde, (light) Medium Blonde, Blonde (light), Auburn, Red, Gray, Dark Gray, (off) White, (pure) White, Light Salt & Pepper (light brown with a touch of gray/white), Medium Salt & Pepper (dark chocolate brown with a touch of gray/white), Dark Salt & Pepper (soft black with a touch of gray/white). You can Shop by color.

We offer our fibers in bottles and refill bags.

hair fibers

We also offer a great prep solution and two hair spray (fiber lock hair spray) types — medium and strong.

We hope you enjoy them!

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Regardless of age and sex, all of us want to look attractive and beautiful at all times. Hair is an important element for outward beauty and positive impression on others. Regardless of what causes hair loss, one desperately seeks ways of how to stop hair loss and search suitable products for thinning hair. Hair building fibers are getting extremely popular as an instant remedy for hair loss.

Made of the natural plants, protein, and keratin, these hair fibers are formed using a special anti-microbial process. These bond to your natural hair within seconds and remain undetectable even in broad sunlight. Working as instant thinning hair treatments, they immediately arsenal you with a thick, lush and attractive mane thick hair.

These fibers lack any chemicals and thus are terrific hair thickeners. Magnetized with static energy, they tend to instantly twine with your own thinning hair to give that voluminous look. They are even resistant to strong winds and rains while retaining its luster and originality. They are available in wide range of colors to cater to any color of hair and ooze off a completely natural look.

However, one needs to exercise caution here and only use products of high quality from  finallyhair.com to avoid any irritation or discomfort to the scalp.

Finally Hair building fibers do not contain any silica or hydantoin which some think are questionable for your health,  We strive to use natural ingredients and dyes to form the best hair fibers on the market at the most reasonable prices.

With 20 colors to choose from, what ever color your hair we have your shade and your back.  We are watching out for our customers with good health in mind.  Please see this hair building fiber color chart:

hair building fibers

What you need:

  1. fhPrep, our prep solution which is applied first after you style your hair to achieve best coverage;
  2. Our 28 gram .99 ounce refillable bottle in your color;
  3. Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray;

After you use up the initial bottle, you can order refill bags.

Please see our products.

hair fibers for hair loss prevention

Here are some important links:
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Youtube Video Demonstration of how to apply our fibers:  http://youtu.be/m-SfywCo2ds  – This video is not edited or speed enhanced.  It shows how easy it is to apply!

Fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair: how to achieve it : hair thickeners by FinallyHair.com

What are the different ways to achieve fuller, thicker looking and healthier hair? Hair thickeners for one!

There are many different types of ways of getting fuller, thicker looking and healthier hair. In the present days, there are different types of treatments and methods available which will help your hair to grow fuller, thicker and healthier. Hair transplants is one of the most common type of hair treatments that many people opt for to get fuller and thicker hair. Other types of treatments are also available. Different types of hair care products are also used by many people to get fuller and thicker hair. In the present times, different types of hair thickening fibers are coming up which will make your natural air look instantly voluminous and fuller.

What is the best and simplest way?

As it has been already mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, there are a number of different ways to get fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair. However, the use of the different types of hair thickening fibers, which are also called hair loss concealers, is the best and simplest way to achieve the desired results. Different hair treatments like hair transplants are really expensive and sometimes do not give the effective results. The different hair care products may also not be the most effective and can also take many months to show effective results.

However, the use of hair thickening fibers or hair thickens makes your hair thick and full instantly. These thickening fibers get adhered to your natural hair shafts and thus give you fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair. While using hair thickeners, you also do not need additional hair sprays to keep them in place.

How do the hair thickening fibers or hair thickeners work?

Mostly, the hair thickening fibers are made up negatively charged fibers. Thus once applied over the scalp and hair, they get attached to the positively charged natural hair shafts. As a result, you do not need to use any other hair spray over the hair thickeners to keep it in place. As the hair thickeners get adhered to your hair, they made your natural hair look fuller and more voluminous quite instantly. Go for natural fiber hair thickeners while buying them. Some of the good quality hair thickeners are also made up of protein or keratin fibers and thus regular use of those products will your hair grow thicker and healthier permanently.

Look to FinallyHair.com for your hair thickeners and you will have a full head of thick hair in minutes.  Our hair thickeners are composed of hair fibers that cling to your existing hair.  The hair thickeners come in 20 colors for all hair types and all hair colors.  We offer two shades of black, two shades of dark brown, two shades of medium brown, two shades of light brown, four shades of blonde, auburn, red, two shades of grey, and three shades of salt and pepper.

hair thickeners

order hair fibers