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Hair Loss in Women and How to Treat Baldness

Even though both genders have a chance of losing hair and balding, hair loss in women can tend to go more unmentioned. Hair loss in men is more known for being noticeable. However, it shouldn’t go unrecognized that women can suffer from bald spots and their hair falling out as well.

Hair Loss In Women

Despite the word “baldness” commonly being associated with the image of a bald man, women can experience balding too. This can lower a woman’s attitude about herself and toward her physical features just as much as losing hair can affect a man’s self-esteem. While some women may be more affected with hair loss than other women, there are several reasons that explain the cause of hair loss in women.

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Why Women Lose Hair

One of the most popular reasons for women to lose their hair is because they are dealing with hormonal changes. Women can experience hair loss at points during menopause, after giving birth to their child, or when first going on certain birth control pills.

For other women, the cause of hair loss may be due to conditions such as thyroid diseases. Issues like this can have major symptoms that include hair loss and hair thinning.

There are even certain medications that women may be taking, which can result in hair loss as a side effect.

What to Do When Suffering from Hair Loss

A great idea for both men and women alike who are struggling with hair loss is for them to cover up bald spots with hair fibers. This is one of the best methods for treating hair loss because there’s no harm involved. In fact, Finally Hair Fibers is composed of natural materials and free of any hazardous toxins.

New Approaches for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment – New approaches

No stone has been left upturned by humans to understand causes of hair loss in women and men and find guaranteed hair loss treatment solutions for how to regrow hair. However, a comprehensive, reliable and fast method to preventing hair loss unfortunately seems to still a distant dream. Currently, we have three types of hair regrowth systems to restore back the thick mane of hair naturally. They are –

  • Low level Laser Therapy is a terrific alternative to medication and is known to stimulate hair growth. But its results are in very low proportion after a long duration of treatment for hair loss prevention.
  • Medical Hair Growth Treatment is where various FDA approved medicines like Finasteride, Minoxidil, Ketoconazole etc are used to prevent hair loss and try to regrow hair. However, these medicines exhibit temporary effectiveness with plentiful of side effects.
  • Surgical Hair Transplant is the most successful treatment for hair loss so far with satisfactory results. However, the limitation of the process is both high expense and limitation of availability of donor hair.

If you are the one looking for thinning hair treatments, any one of the above methods may prove effective. However, one can also resort to the highly revolutionary Finally Hair loss concealers and hair thickeners for instant results. How does it work?

Simply put you sprinkle the fibers on, add hair spray and your hair is now full again.  This is a marvelous approach to hair loss in women and hair loss in men that works immediately.

You can use your medical hair growth treatment right along with it.

Many hair surgeons recommend Finally Hair fibers because one surgical hair transplant may not be enough.  Sometimes you need multiple surgical hair transplants to achieve a full look. So the combination of hair fibers and hair transplants can be the answer.

Wash, dry and style your hair. Try to cover all the thinning balding areas.  Then here are the items we recommend:

  1. Prep Solution – Spray a light mist of it over your dry hair and wait a minute for it to become tacky.
  2. Finally Hair Fibers – pick the color that matches your hair.  There are 20 colors to choose from.
  3. Hair Spray – lock the fibers to your hair with fiber hold spray.  Finally Hair makes 2 varieties, a medium and a strong.  The medium is great for styling your hair.  The strong holds the fibers in.

Here is a picture of these products.

hair loss treatment



Some causes of hair loss in women and what you can do about it

Some methods of hair loss in women

There are numerous websites on the internet which tells about different hairstyles and haircuts; which hairstyles are in this season. You will find thousands of videos that show different ways of styling your hair. The number of views on these videos is quite surprising. There are numerous hair products to keep your hair silk and smooth and shiny. New hair colors are being launched every year. So there is a big industry that is dependent only on hair. And most of these things are for women.

Hair loss in women and hair fall:

Hair can be compared with a garden. What we see on the garden depends on the part that is under the soil. Similarly the hair on your head that is visible depends on the roots that are under our scalp. So the underground needs to be health to have a beautiful upper portion. So eating healthy is a very basic way to having a healthy scalp that can lead to healthy lustrous hair. But that does not mean healthy eating will not cause hair loss. There are so many reasons for which hair loss can occur.

The hair has a cycle which it follows. Hair cycles are important; any hindrance in the hair cycle will lead to hair loss. There are many factors which can cause problem in the hair cycle; factors like illness, chemicals, medication and infections. Many women notice hair loss in their 50s or in their 60s but it has now become common even in their 30s.

How do you understand you are losing hair? :

On average most women lose 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday and almost 250 strands the day they wash their hair. So if the number increases you are having abnormal hair fall. If you are not keeping any count then there are some things which you can notice. If you are having abnormal hair fall there will be lots on hair on your pillow when you wake up in the morning or will have a huge number of hair on your comb while combing.

Causes for hair loss in women:

Hair loss in women can be caused due to high blood pressure, belly fat and any metabolic related problems. Another reason is hyperandrogenism, where the male hormone level increases in women.

Thinning of hair makes women shy and they tend to stay indoors so that they can stay away from eyesight. They lose their confidence as their appearance changes with thinning of their hair.

hair loss in women

Many women who have hair loss have turned to Finally Hair as their way of solving the matter.  Finally Hair fibers merge in with a women’s existing hair to make it fuller and thicker.  The fibers are a perfect way to regain their younger appearance.

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Know the causes and treatment of Hair loss in women – FinallyHair.com

Hair loss affects about 60% of women at some age. Hair loss occurs due to thin hair, hair breakage, dandruff and many more. Hair loss in women is also known as Telogen effluvium. The hair cycle consists of three phases, the growing phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. Women mainly experiences hair loss in 50s or 60s.

What are the causes behind hair loss?

  • Family history:

Heredity is an important cause for hair loss in women. There are two patterns of baldness, the male pattern baldness and the female pattern baldness. Heredity also determines the age when hair loss starts. Genetic factors are also responsible for the pattern of hair loss, rate of hair fall and its extent.

  • Hormonal factors and aging:

Conditions like pregnancy, menopause, and child-birth triggers hair fall. With all age many hormone secretion changes, affecting hair loss.

  • Health condition:

Nutrition deficiency causes hair fall. Conditions like thyroid, scalp infection, skin problems also contribute for the same. Recovering from a surgery, prolonged illness, side effect of drugs also results in Telogen effluvium.

  • Stress:

Sudden stress and trauma can trigger hair shedding suddenly. Some research also suggested that chemical treatment at salon, smoking, drinking, and drug addiction is also responsible for hair loss in women.

What are the treatments for hair loss in women?

Hair loss can result into complete baldness if it is not treated in proper time. Firstly, you should find out the root cause of the hair loss, then step for a remedy. Treatments very from person to person depending upon the volume and pattern of hair loss. There are many scales to measure hair fall.

  • Medication:

There are many lotions, serums available in the market, which is directly applied over the scalp. OTC treatments are effective in many cases. It activates the growing phase. If it doesn’t work you can go for oral medication. This normally treats hair fall by changing hormone levels. But there are many possible side effects.

  • Weavers:

In these method hair fibers is implanted to the areas of the scalp having no hairs. Hair fiber is a great and instant solution. But, you must have some hair, so that the fiber can adhere to. The process must be renewed time to time.

  • Hair transplant:

If you have severe hair loss you can go for this. It is highly invasive and expensive. The active hair follicle is transferred to the regions of sunken follicle in the scalp, giving a natural look.

  • Hair building fibers:

Hair building fibers are a cosmetic solution that gives the illusion of a full head of hair with instant results.  You simply shake the hair fibers on you head (kind of like using a salt shaker) and then spray with fiber lock hair spray, and you are good to go.  The fibers are virtually undetectable and harmless.

Finally Hair Corporation is a manufacturer of hair building fibers designed for hair loss in women. Please see our products.