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Hair Loss Fibers And Varied Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Hair Loss Fibers And Varied Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Hardly any of us realize that hair loss or alopecia is also of various types. This ignorance leads to failed hair loss treatment as one may not have opted for the right solution. So let’s first understand the various types of hair loss:-

Androgenic Alopecia

Commonly referred to as female or male pattern baldness, it is the most prevalent form of baldness and hair falling out in both sexes. This is caused by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) produced as a result of the male hormone, testosterone being converted by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. However the pattern of baldness in both sexes is different.

Alopecia Areata

An auto-immune hair loss condition, this is caused by the white blood cells of the body attacking the hair follicles. This culminates in hair loss for men and women.

Tellogen Effluvium

Male or female hair loss of this type is triggered by stress and depression and can be arrested by removing the disturbing elements.

Other types of hair loss are Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Ophiasis, Traction Alopecia, Chignon Alopecia, Trichotillomania etc. However, regardless of the type or cause, thinning hair treatments of both temporary and permanent variety is possible by taking the help of various esteemed hair therapy brands.

Another interesting approach is to use hair loss fibers to conceal hair loss and cover the thinning areas.  Hair loss are applied easily with an applicator that is much like a salt shaker.  The fibers come in 20 colors to match everyone’s hair.

Your first purchase should be the hair loss concealer in the bottle by Finally Hair.  This bottle is refillable and contains 28 grams (.99 ounces) of hair loss fibers.  Click here to order the hair loss fibers bottle.

hair loss fibers

After you purchase the hair loss fibers bottle, you can refill it.  The bottle opens so you can purchase the hair loss fibers in refill bags.  Here is how it opens:

hair loss fibers bottle open so you can refill it

The sifter comes off so you can purchase refill bags from there on.  Click here to see the refill bags.

hair loss fibers bottle and refill bags

After you shake the hair loss fibers onto your scalp use Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray to adhere the fibers.  Hair spray is required or the fibers will come off.  However with the hair loss hair spray the fibers will stay intact. Click here to see the hair spray.

The hair loss hair spray comes in two strengths.  Medium and Strong.  The medium is a styling spray.  The strong spray is what you use to lock the fibers in.  The fibers will stay in until you shampoo them out.

We also suggest that prior to applying the fibers you use our hair loss prep solution.  The solution tends to make the hair loss fibers stand upright and adds a nice touch.  It is all natural and good for your skin as well. Click here to see the hair loss prep solution.



Why Finally Hair fibers are better to use?

Why Finally hair fibers are better to use?

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are used to make the natural hair shafts look thicker, fuller and more voluminous that they actually are. The hair fibers are also used to cover up bald spots on the scalps. And as such, the hair fibers are also known as hair thickening fibers or hair loss concealers. People apply these hair loss concealers or hair thickening fibers on their scalp and hair shafts to make them look instantly healthier and voluminous. While other methods or treatments may take lots and time and may not always be successful, the use of the different types of hair fibers gives results instantly after every use.

What are finally hair fibers?

The hair fibers give sure results of instantly thickened hair shafts. Thus, many people are found to use different types of hair occasionally. There are also many people who use these products every single day. And in the present times, due to the more and more increasing popularity and success of the different hair thickening fibers, many companies are manufacturing different types of hair fibers. And out of the different companies’ hair fibers available in the market, the finally hair fibers are better (and different) than most other companies’ different types of hair fibers.

Different types of hair fibers:

In the present times, there are a number of companies which manufacture hair fibers of different types. These hair fibers can be dry or powder based or can also be liquid based. The liquid based hair fibers usually come in spray bottles for easy applications. Crème based and gel based hair fibers are also available in the market. While buying hair fibers, you must look for hair fibers that are made up of natural fibers. Even if you are buying any artificial hair fibers, avoid the ones which use ammonia or any other harsh chemicals in them.

Why it is better?

Among the different types of hair fibers available in the market today, the Finally Hair fibers are better (and different) than most of the others. While there are many reasons behind this, the most important reason is that not only the Finally Hair fibers are made from natural fibers; they also contain protein fibers and keratin fibers in them. Thus the continuous use of the Finally Hair fibers will make your hair permanently thicker and healthier. The Finally hair fibers instantly cover bald spots on the scalp. The finally hair fibers also sweat proof and long lasting. They are also easy to apply on the hair and scalp.

How to get them?

hair fibers


You are already on the Finally Hair website if you are reading this blog.  Simply click on the Our Product tab at the top or click this button to see all of the hair fibers choices.

hair fibers

The unwanted emotional effects of hair loss and how hair loss fibers can help

Hair Loss Fibers – The emotional effects of hair loss

There is no one in this whole world that would, if given the choice would want lose all their hair and go bald. The mere thought of not having a head full of hair can be very depressing. Hair loss can be a stressful experience for men who suffer from male pattern baldness, but it is way worse in case of the females. Studies show women suffer more psychologically and emotionally than men and also feel very insecure with their hair loss.

People always have had a negative attitude towards baldness because hair is always considered as a representation of youth and health. Therefore, many people undergo serious emotional distress when they lose hair. Here are some of the effects that hair loss has on people.

  1. The end of your youth:

Hair loss is somewhat related to aging and losing your hair makes people look older than they really are. So when people start losing hair they think their youth has come to an end.

  1. No more styling their hair:

Thinning hair is a very big problem and people try to find ways to cover up their visible scalp. And also when the hair becomes thin people find it difficult to style their hair.

  1. Appearance and body image:

What happens is thinning of hair makes the forehead, larger and the attention moves towards your forehead than your face. This makes the person look older.

  1. Low self-esteem:

When talking about self esteem, physical beauty is one of the major cornerstones. But when a person loses his or her hair, the beauty is lost along with that and people lose their self esteem.

  1. Loss of attractiveness:

Hair is one of the most important aspects of our appearance. Beautiful hair makes a person look beautiful. So when someone loses hair, he does not find himself attractive and also thinks that others do not find him attractive. When a woman goes bald it becomes almost impossible for her to go out and live in a society.

  1. Loss of confidence and shyness:

Studies show that men who are balding or are losing hair have a decrease in their confidence level, especially when they are dealing with anyone of the opposite sex. In case of women they become shy and stop meeting people and stop attending gatherings to avoid people.

  1. Teasing and humiliation:

A bald person is sometimes an easy object of teasing. Research shows almost 60 % of bald people have been teased once in their life or called names.

Hair Loss Fibers – Your solution to hair loss in a bottle:

Why not try Finally Hair fibers to conceal and cover up your hair loss?  It can lift you emotionally and make you feel better.  For those of you that don’t know about hair loss fibers, please watch this video:

You can see that in just a few minutes you can have a full head of hair.  And it is not difficult.  The fibers come in an applicator bottle that is kind of like a salt shaker.  You shake the fibers on your thinning hair loss areas and they are filled in with fibers that look like your natural hair. Here is what the bottle looks like:

hair loss solution

The fibers come in 20 colors to match all hair types:

hair loss fibers color chart

Give Finally Hair loss fibers a try.  You can’t go wrong.  hair loss products

Hair Loss vitamins – The benefits or hair vitamins – various multiple effects on human body

Hair loss vitamins – The benefits or hair vitamins – various multiple effects on human body

The hair falling out issue has become a major concern for all people. The basic reason for hair loss is the lack of various vitamins that is necessary for building up the body and helps to be healthy. Deficiency of the vitamin is mainly because of poor diet.

Taking hair loss vitamins once a day with proper directions helps to recover the hair fall issue to a great extent. If the guidance of a doctor is not maintained, then some uncertainty may occur. Thus, these hair vitamins are used to avoid the ill effects of hair fall.

Side effects of hair vitamins:

Taking hair loss vitamins that basically improve your diet too has various side effects on your body. They may cause the problem of constipation, diarrhea or even stomach ache. Usually such effects are seen when the body is not addicted to the vitamin and once it gets over the medicine then the side effects are resolved. Either of the disease may persist and so consultation of a doctor is a must.

Sometimes the effect of this drug is not so severe in some people, but it may also take a severe role. Thus, if advised by a doctor then it’s safe to consume it. A severe reaction that may occur may be swelling of throat, dizziness, problem in breathing and even rashes may occur. This needs a great attention.


The side effects of taking a hair loss vitamins are sometimes severe and may also disrupt your bodies balance too. A necessary step needed to be taken to avoid any major issue. Especially a doctor must be consulted to know whether the drug is well acquainted with your body or not. Some of the steps that can be followed as precaution are:-

  • Some allergic products may be present in the drug so when an allergy occurs a doctor must be informed immediately.
  • While taking the medicine various things like drinking alcohol, problems in the liver, minor intestinal issues may be informed to doctor so as to take care of hair vitamins. Otherwise the side effect may be even severe as expected.

So avoiding or stopping taking any of the drugs when started may also be dangerous. Taking any other medicines like for the thyroid, some antibiotics, bisphosphonates and quinolones must be stopped or consuming timings must be changed so as to avoid any reactions. Taking any overdose of this medication, vitamin may cause problems of stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea and many others.

Along with your hair loss vitamins try Finally Hair loss fibers.

hair loss fibers

The fibers will give you instant results while the hair vitamins are an ongoing work in progress approach to keeping the hair you have healthy and possibly growing a few new ones back.  The hair loss fibers attach to your remaining hair and act like branches on the tree.  They give the effect and illusion of a hair loss free head of hair.  Watch this video and see:

hair loss products

Hair Loss Fibers – Worried about hair loss? Stop it starting now

Worried about hair loss? Stop it starting now

Hair is responsible for enhancing your beauty. Hair loss can affect men and women at any point of life. Modern technology has opened a huge scope creating products that prevent hair loss, help regaining hair, and if all else fails supplies hair fibers that you can use as temporary make up to cover up your hair loss. Artificial hair fibers are available from Finally Hair in 20 colors/shades to match all hair types, for those who are affected by baldness.

There are various patterns of hair loss. So, it is the first thing is to preserve the quantity of hair you have right now.  This makes it imperative that you understand the causes, along with some hair care methods that have shown to have slowed down hair loss.


There are millions of causes when it comes to hair fall. A hair takes birth from a hair follicle, under the skin. Then it goes through three phases, the growing phase, resting phase and the shedding phase, the entire process takes three years. Genetic factors are often responsible for hair loss. The other factors are age, nutrition deficiency, skin infection, dandruff, recovery from surgery, side effect of medication, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal issues and many more. Many suggested that stress, drinking, smoking, or other addictions are also responsible for hair loss.  Others believed that it is passed down from previous generations and its hereditary. It is likely that hair loss is from a combination of both.  As we age we go through stressful situations in our lives.  It takes a lot of courage to get old.  But why can’t we look better and better?  Some people do defy the aging process when it comes to shape, smile and skin quality, but hair loss is something that seems to catch us no matter what.  Here are some things you can do about it.

Natural hair loss solutions:

  • Oil massage:

Regular oil massage will strengthen your hair roots, by circulating more blood to the scalp. You can use any oil depending upon your hair. Heat small amount of oil and apply it on the scalp by applying pressure with your fingers.

  • Natural juice:

You can apply garlic juice or onion juice or ginger juice, at the night then wash it in the morning. These juices can prevent hairfall due to high sulphur content. Onion juice also has an anti-bacterial property which removes germs, parasites and treats scalp infections.

  • Aloe Vera:

The aloe gel is really great in preventing hair fall. It has enzymes that aids in hair growth. It is also good for fighting against dandruff or other scalp infections. You must apply the aloe gel to the scalp, leave it for 1 or two hours, and wash it with lukewarm water.

  • Antioxidants:

Green tea is a popular antioxidant, which enhances hair growth. You can apply warm green tea at the roots, keep it for an hour, and then wash it thoroughly.

  • Healthy diet:

Only external care of hair is not sufficient, care must be taken also from internally. You should be sure that your body contains abundant nutrients which promote hair growth. You must have proteins like fish, meat, egg, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B in your daily meal.

  • Stress management:

If you are stressed out, then no therapy in the world can stop your hair loss. So have a plenty of sleep and practice meditation daily.

If you suffer from hair loss, consider using Finally Hair loss fibers to restore your youthful appearance.  Hair loss fibers are a great way to cover up your thin spots, touch up your roots, make your hair instantly thicker and bring back your youthful look.  You have a young face, why not put back that hair?  Finally Hair comes in a refillable bottle.  After you use it you can buy refill bags.

hair loss fibers

hair loss products