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Hair Fiber Applicators and Hair Fiber Sprayers

Hair Fiber Applicators and Hair Fiber Sprayers

Finally Hair offers the widest selection of hair fiber applicators and hair fiber sprayers anywhere.

There are a few different hair fiber application methods for applying hair fibers.  You can use hair fiber applicator bottles or hair fiber sprayers.

Usually hair fiber applicator bottles are similar to salt shakers.  The top of the bottle has little holes where the hair fibers dispense from.  You can typically purchase full applicator bottles which are already full of hair fibers or empty applicator bottles which you can fill using refill bags.

Hair fiber applicator bottles are made up of the body (sometimes called the can), the sifter and the lid.  Here is a picture of the standard Finally Hair applicator bottle:

hair fiber applicator bottle parts

It is important to keep the sifter clean.  If the fibers dispense slowly it may be because there is some build-up on the sifter.  Simply remove it and run some water through it.  Make sure it is totally dry and replace it back on the can.

While it is called a shaker applicator bottle, it is usually best to turn the bottle upside down and tap the side of it with your finger so the fibers dispense slowly instead of shaking it where the fibers can get everywhere.  Especially if you want a precision application.

If you want an even more precision application, Finally Hair offers three different hair fiber sprayers.  Two of the hair fiber sprayer applicators are similar.

Hair fiber applicator sprayer bottle atomizer

sprayer applicator bottle

The main difference is the glass sprayer does not come with an interchangeable shaker bottle attachment.  It only works as a sprayer and does not double as a shaker bottle.

Our editors prefer the second one because the top is all one piece.  The glass sprayer applicator’s top is made up of three pieces.  Sometimes the glue that holds the three pieces together can become weak and if it does the top can disassemble.

The second sprayer applicator is all on piece and will not disassemble or separate.  And the the kit comes with a sifter top so you can use it as a sprayer or as a shaker bottle. Here is everything you get in the kit.

hair fiber applicator kit atomizer sprayer shaker bottle

Finally Hair also offers another style of applicator sprayer atomizer bottle kit which also comes with a sprayer top and an interchangeable shaker bottle top.

atomizer sprayer and shaker bottle combination

This kit has a different style of sprayer top where you use your index finger to press on the bulb and the fibers shoot in a straight line for precision application.

Many people use the shaker bottle on top and use the sprayer to fill in the sides or make a perfect front hairline.  Some barbers, hair stylists, and customers use masking tape to mask the forehead.  Then they use the sprayer to create a perfect hairline.

We hope this helps you to understand the different applicator bottles that are available.  You can visit the product pages by clicking the images above.  There you can watch videos on how the sprayers work.

Please let us know if you have any questions.