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Best Hair Loss Concealer Fact Sheet – Finally Hair Products – What You Need to Know – Important information

Best Hair Loss Concealer Fact Sheet – Finally Hair Products – Everything You Need to Know

Hair loss is a widespread problem for millions of men and women across the world.  The most common causes are age and genetic makeup.

Currently there is no cure, however some products do exist that  claim to regrow hair, stop additional hair loss, or at least slow it down. Products like Rogaine make those claims however they seem to have varying results on different people.  Other causes of hair loss include styling damage, lifestyle, and stress.

Other products such as Finally Hair Soap Bars contain several ingredients that are therapy for the hair. The ingredients have long reputations as beneficial for the hair and scalp. Actual results of most hair loss products vary from person to person.

anti hair loss soap bars

There are several ways to treat hair loss and balding. For hair to grow back naturally, the hair follicles must be stimulated and revived.

One method is to have a hair transplant.  Hair transplants are typically costly.  Many times one transplant is not sufficient depending on the amount of hair loss and the desired results.  Surgeons often recommend more than one transplant procedure.

Another method is electronic devices such as infra-red and UV light treatments that may stimulate hair growth. There is also an electric pulse treatment. These are non-surgical treatments which target areas that have experienced hair loss. Again, results vary and are undependable.

Since many of the treatment options are costly there is a high demand for lower cost solutions.  One lower cost solution that has become very popular is the use of hair loss concealers.

The most popular hair loss concealers are hair building fibers. The fibers are typically sold in shaker type applicator bottles that is similar to a salt shaker. 

To apply hair fibers first wash and dry your hair.  Then style your hair for maximum coverage. Try to cover the thinning area with the remaining hair as much as possible. Once the hair is styled, apply the fibers by turning the bottle upside down above the thinning area. Either shake it or tap the side of the bottle so the hair fibers flow out. Fill in the balding thinning spots. After the fibers are applied an extra hold or maximum hold hair spray is used to keep the fibers in place until you shampoo them out. There are sprays made specifically for this purpose. 

This is a video demonstration of the application process:

Applying hair fibers can take some practice. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t look perfect the first time you apply them.  In fact, you should expect they won’t look perfect at first.  Don’t give up after the first try.  It is likely that after you apply them a few times you will find the best method for your hair and the outcome will be desirable.

While hair fibers are a temporary solution they look very natural.  The end effect is a more youthful look and regained self-confidence which stands to make anyone who has balding feel much happier.

How can I try the hair fibers to find out if they are right for me?

Finally Hair offers free samples of hair fibers.  Each buyer can order up to two free 10 gram samples.  The 10 gram samples come in a full-size refillable 28 gram applicator shaker bottle. Once you order the free sample you will have the applicator bottle and later you can order the refill bags which is the most cost effective way to purchase the fibers.

How do hair fibers work?

Hair fibers attach to your hair and scalp.  The fibers are static charged to cling to the remaining hair and scalp.  The fibers will be drawn to the remaining hair like iron filings are drawn to a magnet. Once applied, each natural hair will have hundreds of tiny hair fibers attached giving the illusion of more hair. Those tiny hairs fill in the thinning balding areas for a very natural look.

What if you are completely bald?

If you are completely bald, hair fibers may not be the best alternative. since the hair fibers attach to the existing hair.  Some bald people gain success because the fibers can look like a short buzz cut.  Especially if you use the Finally Hair Prep solution first.  hair fiber prep solution

FH Prep solution is naturally tacky and has an unusual quality.  The hair fibers stick to the prep solution and the fibers stand more upright.  Using the Prep Solution is easy.  After you wash, dry and style your hair, simply apply a light mist of it and let it dry for a moment or two.  A side benefit is the prep solution is that it is also good for your skin. The ingredients are known to reduce wrinkles. Many people spray the prep solution on their face to reduce wrinkles there also. It is an extra benefit.

You can also use the Prep Solution to make your eye brows thick and full.  Cover your eyes and spray the prep solution on your brows. Use a makeup brush to dab the fibers onto the brow area.  Use a makeup wedge sponge to remove the excess. Below is an example of the before and after results.

Hair Fiber Prep Solution for perfect brows

Before Hair Fibers

After Hair Fibers

What color fibers should you use?

Color matching the hair fibers to your hair is very important. If the color doesn’t match your hair the fibers won’t do their job properly. The correct color should be the same as your hair color and undetectable when applied.  You can mix and match colors of fibers. 

Finally Hair has the largest color selection.  There are 23 colors available including three salt & pepper colors and two gray & pepper colors. Below is a color chart.  This color chart depicts the actual fibers taken in natural sun light.  Be aware that device screens can vary the colors somewhat.

hair fiber colors

These colors of fibers are available:

Black, Soft Black, Dark Chocolate Brown (deep dark brown with no red hue), Dark Brown (mid dark brown has a slight reddish hue), Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Medium Brown, Dark Blonde, Sandy Blonde, Golden (medium) Blonde, Medium Blonde, Blonde (lightest blonde shade), Auburn, Red, Grey, Dark Grey, Light Grey & Pepper (grey with dark highlights), Dark Grey & Pepper (dark grey with light highlights), Light Salt & Pepper (light brown with white/grey highlights), Medium Salt & Pepper (dark chocolate brown with white/grey highlights), Dark Salt & Pepper (soft black with white/grey highlights). Click here to shop by color

Finally Hair dyes do not run or change colors when you perspire. Hair fiber users have reported to us that they have used other hair fiber brands where the dye has run or turned green when they sweat.  The embarrassment of green dye running down your forehead is not fun.  You won’t experience any color changes with Finally Hair.

What if I choose the wrong color?

Finally Hair offers color exchanges.  You can send the fibers back to us and we will exchange them for the color of your choice.  We ask that you please send the exchanges back in new condition within 30 days from the purchase date.

Are hair fibers safe?

Finally Hair fibers are safe. 

While many other brands of fibers contain potentially dangerous chemicals, Finally Hair fibers do not.  It is a good idea to look up the ingredients. If you find ingredients like Silica, DMD hydantoin, Ammonium Chloride, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminate Silicate, Phenoxyethanol, preservatives, drying agents, or animal products which potentially may contain bacteria — we suggest you don’t use them.  Some of the above ingredients are on the Center For Disease Control’s warning list of what never to use on your skin.  Again, Finally Hair fibers do not contain the above harmful ingredients. Our fibers are are hypoallergenic.

Are there secrets to applying the fibers?

Most people use a shaker bottle.  The shaker bottle has the proper size holes to dispense the fibers.  The most common shaker bottle is made up of a body, a sifter and a cap.  Most shaker bottles are refillable.  This is important because Finally Hair offers refill bags at reduced prices. Why buy the bottle over and over again when the bottle is reusable? Simply refill it. This short video shows how to open the bottle:

Another method of application is to use an Atomizer Sprayer bottle.

Hair fiber sprayer bottle atomizer

Simply fill the atomizer bottle with hair fibers. Point the nozzle towards the target area that you are trying to fill in with hair fibers.  Press the bulb and a stream of fibers will shoot out onto that area.  This applicator is very effective.

atomizer sprayer and shaker bottle combinationWe offer a second atomizer sprayer which also is a combination shaker bottle.  It includes the bottle, sifter, sprayer and cap.

Why are Finally Hair fibers so inexpensive compared to other brands? Is there something wrong with them?

Finally Hair has been quoted as being the Costco of hair fibers by independent product review websites (those sites also rated us the number one hair fiber in 2018).  Our approach is to sell the hair fibers in bulk.  By doing so we have lowered the prices consumers have to pay. 

We have cut out the middle men and sell our fibers direct to the consumer at the lowest possible prices.  Finally Hair fibers are inexpensive but they are not cheap.  The quality is the best there is!

Will the hair fibers clump?

If you shake up Finally Hair fibers they disperse.  The formula was designed to be anti-clump. Usually clumping occurs when:

  • The fibers are over applied (less is more);
  • Hair spray is not being used or the hair spray is breaking down due to poor quality.  With the proper hair spray the fibers should not move;
  • You brush or comb your hair and move the fibers.  We do not suggest brushing your hair.  Leave it in place.  You styled it well;
  • The fibers get wet.  Always store your hair fibers in a dry place.

What is the shelf life of hair fibers?  How long will they last?

If stored properly, hair fibers can last as long as 10 years.

What do you suggest I buy first?

If you don’t already have the applicator bottle you will want to purchase a bottle of the fibers and the STRONG fiber lock spray.

hair fibers bottle and strong fiber hold sprayYou will receive a full 28 gram bottle of fibers in the color of your choice and the STRONG fiber lock hold spray.

Another option is to order the Ultimate Kit which adds FH Prep solution, the MEDIUM styling spray, a 57 gram (2 ounce) refill bag, and an optimizer front hairline comb.

Ultimate Hair Fiber Deluxe Kit

What size refill bags are available?

Finally Hair offers:

refill bag

  • 25 gram refills (just under an ounce)
  • 57 gram refills (2 ounces – our 1/8 pounder)
  • 114 gram refills (4 ounces – our 1/4 pounder)
  • 228 gram refills (8 ounces – our 1/2 pounder)
  • 456 gram refills (16 ounces – our pounder)

Hair loss concealers totally hide your hair loss and do not hamper or prohibit growth of the remaining follicles. They do not clog the pores. Finally Hair fibers make a person’s existing hair appear fuller, thicker, and even healthier looking. The thickened hair shafts cut down the visibility of the bald thinning parts of the user’s scalp.

Hair fibers wash off when you shampoos your hair. They will not stain your clothes, pillows or sheets.  They are wind resistant especially if you use the Finally Hair STRONG spray to lock them to your hair.  They are perspiration resistant.  That doesn’t mean that they can’t come off if you sweat profusely.  Remember they shampoo out so anything that resembles washing your hair can wash them off.  We suggest you carry a small umbrella in your car so you can take it with you in the event of rain.  Anyone who tells you that you can swim with them in is stretching.

Balding and hair loss seem to go along with old age. However some people suffer from premature hair loss and can realize it an early age. Finally Hair is for people of all ages and from every walk of life.  The fibers are priced affordably.

Another common problem is a disease called Alopecia.  The effects of Alopecia are patches of bald spots.  Hair fibers can be used to fill in and blend these spots.

It is typically not the individual’s extreme lifestyle or shortage of nutrition that causes hair loss. In most cases genetics, depression, anxiety and stress are the primary antagonists.

Balding and hair loss is not a problem limited to men only. Studies show that by age 60 most women suffer from hair loss.  Women are even more sensitive about their looks which is why so many have turned to hair fibers to augment their appearance.

Here is a list of products for your consideration.  Click on the product title or “more info” link to learn more.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Hair Fibers Ultimate Kit - Bottle, Refill, fhPrep & Fiber Sprays

Buy Now

Hair Fibers Ultimate Kit – Bottle, Refill, fhPrep & Fiber Sprays

hair loss concealer   hair loss concealer hair fibers kit  hair loss concealer Finally Hair Ultimate Hair Building Fibers Hair Loss Filler…
List Price $162.91  Sale Price $78.89
Save: 52% off
… more info
Hair Loss Concealer - Hair Fiber - Applicator Bottle 28gr .99oz.

Buy Now

Hair Loss Concealer – Hair Fiber – Applicator Bottle 28gr .99oz.

hair loss concealer   hair loss concealer   hair loss concealer Finally Hair Fiber  Full Applicator Bottle – Hair Thickener …
List Price $39.99 

Sale Price $19.29
Save: 52% off

… more info

Hair Loss Concealer Kit - 28g Hair Fibers & Fiber Lock Spray

Buy Now

Hair Loss Concealer Kit – 28g Hair Fibers & Fiber Lock Spray

hair loss concealer   hair loss concealer   hair loss concealer Finally Hair Fiber  Full Applicator Bottle and Strong Fiber Lock…
$59.98  $31.74
Save: 47% off
… more info
Root Concealer, Cover Grey, Ladies Root Rescue

Buy Now

Root Concealer, Cover Grey, Ladies Root Rescue

color roots  color roots   color roots Finally Hair Lady’s Root Rescue  Full Applicator Bottle  [see color chart] …
$39.99  $19.29
Save: 52% off
… more info
Hair & Brow Building Fibers Natural Fiber Prep Solution (fhPrep)

Buy Now

Hair & Brow Building Fibers Natural Fiber Prep Solution (fhPrep)

All natural fhPrep Hair, Brow, Beard Building Fibers Prep Solution 50ml 1.7 ounces – Great for enhancing the look of fibers on your scalp, eyebrows…
$16.97  $12.97
Save: 24% off
… more info
Hair Fiber Spray - Fiber Lock - The Perfect Fiber Hair Spray

Buy Now

Hair Fiber Spray – Fiber Lock – The Perfect Fiber Hair Spray

hair fiber spray  hair fiber spray  hair fiber spray Finally Hair’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray duo – Two Perfect Hair Sprays The ideal…
$19.99  $12.47
Save: 38% off
… more info
Refill Bag - Hair Building Fiber - 25 Gram Thickener

Buy Now

Refill Bag – Hair Building Fiber – 25 Gram Thickener

Finally Hair 25 Gram Hair building fiber Refill Bag (25g 25gr) – Hair thickener  [see color chart] Big Size – 25 gram .88 ounce Keratin…
$34.95  $14.49
Save: 59% off
… more info
Refill Bag - 57 Gram 1/8 Pounder Hair Thickener (50g+7g bonus)

Buy Now

Refill Bag – 57 Gram 1/8 Pounder Hair Thickener (50g+7g bonus)

Finally Hair Loss Concealer 57 Gram Refill Bag Hair Thickener Fiber (50g+7g) bonus!  [see color chart] Big Size – 57 gram 1/8 pound Keratin…
$65.97  $21.69
Save: 67% off
… more info
Refill Bag - 114 Gram 1/4 Pounder Hair Fiber (100g+14g)

Buy Now

Refill Bag – 114 Gram 1/4 Pounder Hair Fiber (100g+14g)

Finally Hair 114 Gram Refill Bag Hair Loss Concealer Fiber – Hair Filler  [see color chart] Big Size – 114 gram 1/4 pound Keratin fiber…
$129.95  $42.99
Save: 67% off
… more info
Refill Bag - 228 Gram 1/2 Pounder Hair Filler Fiber

Buy Now

Refill Bag – 228 Gram 1/2 Pounder Hair Filler Fiber

Finally Hair  228 Gram 1/2 Pounder Hair Filler Fiber Refill Bag Available in 20 Colors To Match Your Hair [see color chart] Your Bottle…
$249.95  $84.99
Save: 66% off
… more info
Refill Bag - 456 Gram 1 Pounder Hair Loss Solution

Buy Now

Refill Bag – 456 Gram 1 Pounder Hair Loss Solution

Finally Hair 456 Gram 1 Pounder Hair Loss Solution Refill Fiber Bag  [see color chart] Big Size – 456gram 1 pound Keratin hair building…
$479.95  $167.99
Save: 65% off
… more info
Hair Loss Shampoo Conditioner Soap Healthy Hair Therapy Bars

Buy Now

Hair Loss Shampoo Conditioner Soap Healthy Hair Therapy Bars

Finally Hair Fiber Release Hair Loss Therapy Soap. A Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Of Soap That Is Great For Your Hair and Scalp.  This is a 2…
$49.97  $27.22
Save: 46% off
… more info
Moroccan Argan Shampoo by Finally Hair

Buy Now

Moroccan Argan Shampoo by Finally Hair

Moroccan Shampoo by Finally Hair 250ml / 8.45 ounces Nourish Moisturize Protect Infused argan oil formula gently cleanses the hair and follicles….
$14.95  $12.95
Save: 13% off
… more info
Moroccan Conditioner With Argan by Finally Hair

Buy Now

Moroccan Conditioner With Argan by Finally Hair

Moroccan Conditioner by Finally Hair 250ml / 8.45 ounces Nourish Moisturize Protect This argan oil infused daily conditioner reconstructs,…
$14.95  $12.95
Save: 13% off
… more info
Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment by Finally Hair

Buy Now

Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment by Finally Hair

Finally Hair (Professional) Moroccan Mask 250 ml / 8.45 fl. ounces This Argan oil based hair mask gently smooths the cuticle and helps nourish and…
$69.95  $22.97
Save: 67% off
… more info
Professional Shampoo & Keratin Straightening Soft Treatment

Buy Now

Professional Shampoo & Keratin Straightening Soft Treatment

Finally Hair ®  Professional Keratin Straightening & Smoothing Soft Treatment – Kit  100 ml Clarifying Shampoo Plus 100 ml…
$79.97  $42.81
Save: 46% off
… more info
Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner For Permed/Straightened Hair

Buy Now

Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner For Permed/Straightened Hair

Finally Hair Brazilian Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner For Use On Treated Hair (Perfect after Keratin Straightenting Smoothing Treatments and…
$84.97  $29.95
Save: 65% off
… more info
Atomizer Spray Pump Empty Applicator Bottle 27.5g

Buy Now

Atomizer Spray Pump Empty Applicator Bottle 27.5g

Sprayer Applicator Bottle – Empty Hair Fiber Atomizer Pump Bottle. Please fill it with our refill bags of hair fibers. Holds 27.5 grams .92 ounces of…
$46.90  $29.99
Save: 36% off
… more info
Easy One Handed Atomizer Spray Pump Applicator

Buy Now

Easy One Handed Atomizer Spray Pump Applicator

Easy To Use One Handed Pump Sprayer Applicator For Perfect Coverage. Please fill it with our refill bags of hair fibers. Opens easily so you can…
$56.29  $35.67
Save: 37% off
… more info
Finally Hair Hairline Optimizer

Buy Now

Finally Hair Hairline Optimizer

Finally Hair Hairline Optimizer Used to create a natural looking hairline.  Simply place the optimizer over the hairline area and apply the…
$9.99  $6.99
Save: 30% off
… more info
Hair Fiber Empty Finally Hair Fiber Applicator Bottle

Buy Now

Hair Fiber Empty Finally Hair Fiber Applicator Bottle

Finally Hair Fiber Empty Applicator Bottle Holds 28 grams .99 ounces of hair loss concealer fibers. Opens so you can refill it.  How do you…
$11.97  $9.95
Save: 17% off
… more info
Gentle Japanese Hair Dye Hair Color to Reduce Hair Loss

Buy Now

Gentle Japanese Hair Dye Hair Color to Reduce Hair Loss

ShoHan Japanese Hair Dye Hair Color.  Anti-Hair Loss Instant Powder Hair Color.  Finally Hair is pleased to offer ShoHan brand Japanese…
$17.95  $11.79
Save: 34% off
… more info
1 Minute Hot Facial Treatment - 3 Pack

Buy Now

1 Minute Hot Facial Treatment – 3 Pack

1 Minute Hot Facial Treatment – 3 Pack  One minute hot facial treatment by ShoHan. This treatment deep cleans, unclogs your pores, and…
$17.95  $11.79
Save: 34% off
… more info
Nose Cleansing Strips 10 pack by ShoHan

Buy Now

Nose Cleansing Strips 10 pack by ShoHan

Nose Strips by ShoHan (you will receive 10 nose strips) Shohan nose strips remove excess sebum and oil from pores. Regular use of ShoHan strips…
$17.98  $11.79
Save: 34% off
… more info

Dark Brown Hair Fibers vs. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Fibers How They Compare To Brands Like Toppik

Dark Brown Hair Fibers

Finally Hair has two shades of dark brown hair fibers.

  1. Dark Brown: This hair building fibers shade was originally matched to people who have natural dark brown hair which often has a red base color.  It is a very natural shade with a very slight red hue to match the red highlights that many people with natural dark brown hair have.  You can also use it on dyed hair.
  2. Dark Chocolate Brown: This hair building fibers shade matches to people who have a deep dark brown hair color.  The color could be the result of natural hair or dyed hair.  It has NO red so it is a very good match for people with very dark brown hair.

Often people ask us which of our colors is the best match to Toppik brand hair fibers.  Toppik dark brown hair fibers are very dark and border on our dark chocolate brown and soft black colors.

We suggest using dark chocolate brown if your hair is really brown and soft black if your hair is really more black.

Here is a picture of the dark brown (bottom), dark chocolate brown (middle), and soft black (top) next to each other.

dark brown hair fibers

You can shop by hair color on our website.  You can also view our color chart and view a picture of all of our hair fiber colors by clicking here.  We hope this helps you to decide which color is right for you.

All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Hair Building Fibers Colors – How we differ from Toppik, Xfusion and others

Hair Building Fibers Colors – How we differ from Toppik Xfusion and others

Finally Hair sets the standard in hair building fiber colors.  We have 20 colors to choose from.  We work hard to be sure our hair fiber colors suit all people and closely match standard hair dyes.  This makes it easier for our fiber users to get a perfect match.

In the rare instance where our hair building fibers don’t match your hair perfectly, you can mix and match the colors.  Here is a great photo of all of the colors together:

hair colors compared to brands like toppik caboki xfusion

Lets discuss the colors here so you can choose the correct ones for you.  Especially if you’ve been using other unrelated brands of hair fibers in the past.  Here’s some good hair building fiber color information:

Black Hair Building Fibers

We have two blacks.  Our jet black and our soft black. The jet black is a deep black.  While the soft black has a very slight 5% hue of blue (you don’t see the blue) which causes it to be milder. If you used Toppik, Xfusion before, you may find that their dark brown color is close to our soft black though we feel the people with very dark brown hair should really try our dark chocolate brown.

Dark Brown Hair Building Fibers – two shades available

Finally Hair makes two dark brown shades.  The standard dark brown shade is for people who have natural dark brown hair which typically has a red base color.  This shade has a red base color so there is a very slight hue of red.  If you don’t want the red, then use dark chocolate brown instead.  Dark chocolate brown is a deeper brown with no red.  If you use a hair dye that is dark brown/black then dark chocolate brown is usually perfect.

Medium Brown

Finally Hair’s medium brown is a very warm medium brown shade.  It is very close to Toppik’s shade – maybe a very very little bit lighter.  It is a real match if you have medium brown hair.  One of our top sellers.

Light Brown

Our light brown shade is very similar to the light brown sold by other brands like Toppik, Xfusion and the rest.

Light Medium Brown

People often ask us if our light medium brown is lighter than our light brown.  The answer is yes.  Light medium brown is our lightest brown shade.


Finally Hair blonde is a very light for people with bleached hair.

Medium Blonde

Our medium blonde is also a light medium blonde.  If you have a mid tone medium blonde we suggest the Golden Blonde shade.

Golden Blonde

This is a true medium blonde shade.  It is along the lines or the Toppik, Xfusion medium blonde shade.

Dark Blonde

If you have dark blonde or dirty blonde hair this is the shade to try.  It is along the lines of Toppik, Xfusion dark blonde.


Many red heads and people with auburn (brownish red) hair love this shade.  We have many female customers that order this shade.


This is a bright red for people with bright red hair.  If you have a milder red, we suggest the Auburn.

Dark Grey

This is an excellent color if you have dark grey hair.  However if you have dark hair with some grey, you may want to try our salt and pepper shades.


This is a mid grey.  Perfect if you have grey hair.  Very popular color.  Many people mix it.


This is an off white shade that has a slight yellow hue.  Many people mix this color into our other shades.

Pure White

This is a pure snow white color and it is stark white.

Salt and Pepper Light

This is a wonderful mixture of our light brown along with white and grey highlights.

Salt and Pepper Medium

This popular mix is our dark chocolate brown with some white highlights.  We highly suggest this color for people with dark brown salt and pepper hair.

Salt and Pepper Dark

This is our soft black with white/grey highlights.  Very popular.  Extraordinary mix.

We hope this article helps you decide which color is right for you.

Finally Hair is not related to Toppik, Xfusion in any form or fashion. We respect their brands and their trademarks.  We mention them as reference because we get many communications from buyers asking these questions. This is an editorial article to help you decide which color is best for you. 

hair building fiber color chart

Caring For Your Thinning Hair – Using hair building fibers along the way.

Caring For Your Thinning Hair – Using hair building fibers along the way.

Various reasons bring about thinning of hair. Seeking medical examination to find the causes of hair loss and seeking proper hair thinning treatments and how to regrow hair should be the first steps one needs to take to prevent hair loss. Apart from them various steps can be taken from your side to protect your hair, prevent further hair falling out and using solutions to add volume to thin hair. Some of those tricks are:-

  • Try using coloring as a hair loss treatment. Both permanent and semi-permanent colors add body and volume to thin hair. Use ammonia free products to arrest further hair damage.
  • Use Finally Hair instant hair restoration products and hair voluminous products.  They are  available now. Finally Hair brand products do not weigh the hair down nor cause any damage.
  • Its best to keep your hair and scalp clean and wash them as regularly as required. But stick to using the best hair loss shampoo and volume building conditioner.

Get a style that gives an appearance of thicker hair and enhances your personality.  Then apply Finally Hair building fibers to your hair.  Then spray your hair with Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray to hold the fibers to your hair.  And you have hair!

This is a product that works immediately.  It comes in 20 colors.  If you have dark brown hair Finally Hair has 2 dark brown shades.  Standard dark brown is for people who have more natural dark brown hair.  Natural dark brown hair usually has a red base color.  That’s why the standard dark brown shade has a very slight hint of red.  Then there is dark chocolate brown.  It has no red and is a deeper dark brown.  It matches most dark brown/black hair dyes.

I will be writing an article about hair building fiber colors soon.  That article will spell out the differences in the colors.  Be sure to see the “Color Chart” page on the Finally Hair website.

The ideal approach for applying hair building fibers is to style your hair first.  Try to style it so you have maximum coverage of the thinning areas and balding areas.  That makes applying the fibers easier as you don’t have to cover big balding patches.  You really do want to have some hair as a foundation.  If you don’t then you can try a shorter hair style and use the Finally Hair prep solution which will make the fibers stand more upright and look more natural if you style it like a buzz cut.

First you want to get the bottle.  You can refill the bottle with refill bags after you use it up.

hair building fibers refill

It opens at the sifter.  Then you use a bag like the one below to fill it up… oh and don’t forget that you want to use fiber lock spray to lock the fibers to your hair.

hair building fibers

Toppik, Caboki, Finally Hair – Hair Fibers – Real or Counterfeit? Buy Direct To Be Sure.

Toppik, Caboki, Finally Hair – Hair Fibers – Real or Counterfeit?  Our recommendation is to buy Direct from Toppik, Caboki, Finally Hair To Be Sure.

Editorial – Buyer beware… if the price for Toppik, Caboki, Finally Hair or other brands of hair fibers and hair loss concealers are too good to be true, it probably is.  Is it authentic?  The knock offs are so good that it is hard to tell.  But what are you really buying?  What’s inside?

Finally Hair Corporation has been solicited by several over seas unethical hair fibers companies that offer to sell fake Toppik, Caboki and Finally Hair hair fibers knock offs and unfortunately it appears that the US market is becoming flooded with hair fiber lookalikes.  So how do you know if your hair building fibers are real or counterfeit?  And if they are counterfeit, what are you really putting on your head and wearing all day?  If you buy direct you can rest assured that they are the real authentic fibers that you were looking for.

We have also noticed some hair fibers prices on ebay.com and other large shopping sites that (in our opinion) look questionable.  Common sense will tell you that if the prices on the manufacturer’s website is a much higher price, something in the milk may not be cream.  Manufacturers like Toppik sell through major retailers like Sally Beauty Supply.  We suggest you use Sally Beauty Supply prices as your guide.  If the price is a lot lower, are you sure it is real?

Our suggestion is that you purchase your hair fibers direct from the manufacturer’s website.  Here are some links:

http://FinallyHair.comFinally Hair Fibers

http://Toppik.comToppik Hair Fibers

http://Caboki.comCaboki Hair Fibers

This way you know that the fibers you are receiving have the exact ingredients that you expect.

Remember that if it is too good to be true, it is probably counterfeit.

Finally Hair has no relation to Toppik, Caboki, or any other brands.  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  This is an editorial message and is not meant to do anything other than warn consumers about counterfeit items. 

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Hair Building Fibers – What You Need to Know

Regardless of age and sex, all of us want to look attractive and beautiful at all times. Hair is an important element for outward beauty and positive impression on others. Regardless of what causes hair loss, one desperately seeks ways of how to stop hair loss and search suitable products for thinning hair. Hair building fibers are getting extremely popular as an instant remedy for hair loss.

Made of the natural plants, protein, and keratin, these hair fibers are formed using a special anti-microbial process. These bond to your natural hair within seconds and remain undetectable even in broad sunlight. Working as instant thinning hair treatments, they immediately arsenal you with a thick, lush and attractive mane thick hair.

These fibers lack any chemicals and thus are terrific hair thickeners. Magnetized with static energy, they tend to instantly twine with your own thinning hair to give that voluminous look. They are even resistant to strong winds and rains while retaining its luster and originality. They are available in wide range of colors to cater to any color of hair and ooze off a completely natural look.

However, one needs to exercise caution here and only use products of high quality from  finallyhair.com to avoid any irritation or discomfort to the scalp.

Finally Hair building fibers do not contain any silica or hydantoin which some think are questionable for your health,  We strive to use natural ingredients and dyes to form the best hair fibers on the market at the most reasonable prices.

With 20 colors to choose from, what ever color your hair we have your shade and your back.  We are watching out for our customers with good health in mind.  Please see this hair building fiber color chart:

hair building fibers

What you need:

  1. fhPrep, our prep solution which is applied first after you style your hair to achieve best coverage;
  2. Our 28 gram .99 ounce refillable bottle in your color;
  3. Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray;

After you use up the initial bottle, you can order refill bags.

Please see our products.

hair fibers for hair loss prevention

Here are some important links:
Color chart: http://finallyhair.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=16
Usage Directions: http://finallyhair.com//blog/hair-fiber-directions/
Shop by color: http://finallyhair.com/shop-by-hair-fiber-color
How our bottles open: http://finallyhair.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=11
Frequently Asked Questions: http://finallyhair.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=7
Youtube Video Demonstration of how to apply our fibers:  http://youtu.be/m-SfywCo2ds  – This video is not edited or speed enhanced.  It shows how easy it is to apply!

Hair Building Fibers – What can make them clump?

Hair Building Fibers – What can make them clump?

Finally Hair building fibers are designed to de-clump when you shake them.  If you find your hair fibers are clumping the first thing to do is to put them in the container, remove the sifter, attach the lid and shake them vigorously. You should see the fibers disperse. Then open the bottle and replace the sifter.

If the hair fibers don’t disperse, try stirring them with a toothpick.  Then replace the sifter. If the fibers don’t stir the odds are they have gotten wet. In this case you can return them to Finally Hair for free exchange.  Please send them to: Finally Hair Corporation, 4851 West Hillsboro Blvd. Ste. A12, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. Be sure to include your original packing list.  If you don’t have your packing list, please include your full name, shipping address, email address, phone number and if you have an order number that is very helpful.  We will exchange them right away.

If the fibers move freely but don’t dispense from the bottle, please remove the sifter and clean it with water.  Be sure the sifter is totally dry before putting it back on the bottle.  Here is a picture of the bottle parts:

hair fiber bottle parts

Here are some valuable tips that will help you to avoid clumping while styling your hair:

  1. Your hair should be totally dry.  If you use gel or a product that leaves your hair wet prior to applying the fibers, they may clump.  If your hair is excessively oily it could cause the same effect.
  2. The bathroom is overly humid.  Sometimes if the fibers are applied right after a shower, the room can have 100% humidity causing the hair fibers to become damp.  This can cause hair fibers to clump.
  3. Too much hair spray or the hair spray is wet.  Try Finally Hair Fiber Lock Spray or a different spray.  Finally Hair Fiber Lock Hair Spray is available in a styling spray (medium) or a strong fixative that holds the fibers in place (strong).  With the strong fixative you can lay on your pillow and hardly any will come off.
  4. Applying too much hair fiber.  Less is more.  It is best to use small amounts of hair fibers so they don’t lay on heavy and cause a carpet effect.  Try using less.
  5. We highly suggest using the Finally Hair refillable applicator bottle.  The hole size varies for different brands. Using a bottle that has holes that are too big in the sifter can cause too many fibers to come out at one time and make them clump.  We advise against using an applicator  with a brush (like a mascara brush) attached. Some sprayers spray too many fibers at one time.
  6. Do not comb or brush your hair.  Hair fibers are temporary and they come off.  If you comb or brush your hair then they will move or come off leaving a less than desirable styling effect.
  7. Again, shake the fibers.  Finally Hair fibers are designed to disperse when shaken.  Sometimes fibers can compress during shipment.  If you shake the fibers they will disperse.Please try these ideas before returning your hair fibers.

Please keep in mind that the nature of hair fibers is they are temporary makeup which are held on by hair spray. If you wear the fibers for multiple days, several things can happen:

  1. The hair spray can break down and stop working so the fibers are not held in place.
  2.  The hair spray can gunk up and create clumps.
  3. Most hair fiber companies warn against brushing or combing your hair fibers. When you brush or comb it disengages the fibers.
  4. The longer you go without shampooing the more of a chance that your hair will get naturally oily. This in combination with combing or brushing will loosen the fibers from your natural hair. Once loose the fibers will tend to cling more to themselves (since your hair has become oily) or fall out.
  5. Also, it could be that the container you are using is applying too many fibers to begin with. Excessive fibers create more of a carpet look which is undesirable. Finally Hair containers have the ideal hole size in the sifter and this helps to apply the proper amount of fibers.Much like facial makeup, we highly suggest to our users that they apply it every day or every other day after shampooing for the optimum look.

Super Valuable Hair Fibers Tip:

Finally Hair introduced fhPrep, a patent pending all natural prep solution that helps the fibers stand up.  Try spraying a light mist of fhPrep onto your hair and scalp.  It helps the fibers to stand upright and gives a great effect.

fhprep hair fibers prep solution

To try fhPrep Click Here.

Itchy scalp and hair loss

Itchy scalp and hair loss

Itchy scalp and hair loss is very frustrating and worrying, and there is a number of things that cause or irritate the hair loss. The hair loss caused by itchy scalp issues isn’t forever permanent, and can typically grow back once the most itchy scalp problem is sorted out.

In oral communication this though, it’s important that you simply take swift action to properly diagnose the problem and look for appropriate remedies and coverings so as to avoid long term scarring from the itchy scalp irritation, and so enable your hair to start growing back.

Here I’d like to tell you about a few common reasons for itchy scalp hair loss and what you’ll do to alleviate the problem.

Folliculitis – strong ingredients in shampoos will harm hair follicles and result in infections like inflammation.

Symptoms are usually little, white-headed pimples around one or additional hair follicles. Deep inflammation can typically lead to larger painful red boils.


Dandruff is one in all the foremost common causes of itchy scalp. typically it should even result in hair loss. However, this condition isn’t a permanent event. Once the condition is treated hair usually grows back.

Dandruff is caused by dry, scaling skin on the scalp. In some instances the dandruff could also be a variety of skin condition that may be a kind of skin disease of the skin. this could be the results of an overgrowth of the skins natural yeast.

Dandruff is definitely treated by returning moisture to the skin. Special shampoos work well in reconditioning the scalp. If the dandruff is caused by seborrhea cortisone-based creams and lotions could also be prescribed to treat any present inflammation.

There are quite a few restless scalp and hair loss product on the market that promise instant results

Another straightforward answer for restless scalp and hair loss are going to be the utilization of a hair building fibers . A Hair building fibers is specifically medicated for hair and scalp issues.

They can be particularly useful if the reason behind your problem stems from inflammation of the hair follicles.

And to get the best of hair building fibres products you can visit www. http://finallyhair.com/ they provide the best of hair building fibres with so many great products and positive reviews.

itchy scalp hair loss cure

hair fibers

Hair Building Fibers, what are the best men’s and women’s hair styles for fall?

Hair building fibers – What is fall season style?

Autumn season is also known as fall season in North America. This season marks the end of summers and the start of winter. The temperature during this season gradually becomes lower marking the change from summer to winter. While in the northern hemisphere fall occurs during the month of September, in the southern hemisphere it occurs during the month of March. This season also finds the falling of leaves from the deciduous trees. Thus the weather being comparatively cooler and dry, all the dress styles and hair styles of this season are meant to suit accordingly.

Two different seasons:

Although there are four seasons in a year, in the eye of the fashion and style world, there are two basic seasons, the spring-summer and the fall winter. As the names suggest, the former one is the style of the hottest months of the year, while the later one is the style for the cooler months of the year. And as it has been already mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, the fall-winter styles of the fall season styles have been developed according to the cool and comparatively dry weather.

Fall season fashion and style:

As the weather usually remains dry and cool, fall season fashion consists of warm clothes and garments. Layering in dresses is more common during this season. The hooded dresses, caps are also common. There are many other types of fashion and style trends of this fall season. The hairstyle trends for both men and women during this season are also different from other seasons.

The best men’s and women’s hair styles for fall can be enriched using hair building fibers

The fall season’s hairstyle is quite different than hairstyles of other seasons. As this season marked by dry and cool temperature, long hair trends are common. However, being a dry season, messy hair is not a good choice. As the hair gets usually frizzy in the fall season and managing messy hairstyles can become a task and such hairstyles are less popular during fall.

Neat and clean hairstyles are found to be more common during this season. The application of hair gel and hair sprays are common during the fall season to maintain the neat and clean look.  Also the application of hair gel and hair sprays helps to keep the frizz at bay and as a result prevent the hair from getting damaged.  However if you use hair building fibers, using gel or any product that leave your hair wet is not advised.  This is a special circumstance where your hair needs to be dry to apply them correctly.

If you suffer from hair loss be sure to spruce up all of your styles using Finally Hair building fibers.

hair building fibers

See our products, watch our video to learn more.

hair building fibers

Undisclosed Hollywood Celebrities Using Hair Building Fibers? Can you guess who else?

Hair building fibers — The biggest assets of all celebrities are their forever sweet sixteen look. The secret behind their bold and trendy look is never going to be disclosed in public. In reality, their natural looks are far beyond the natural ways like diet, workout or etc. plastic surgery, laser treatment; hormonal injections are pretty common in celebrities.

The million dollar natural hair

The same happens with their hair. They are normal people, so they also have normal hair fall due to stress, age, addiction and others. Hair transplant is common in Hollywood; none of the cases are disclosed in the media. Here are some, who we suspect may be using some hair building fibers.  Now we don’t know this for sure but we get many orders that are addressed to just a first name, or someones initials.  Some of the names on the orders for hair building fibers appear to us to be aliases for movie stars, newscasters, famous musicians and the like.  We can only presume and guess but sometimes it seems so obvious.

Who are the Super-heroes we suspect may be using hair building fibers? This is just our opinion mind you but:

  • Jude Law: many pictures taken by different photographers have revealed that there is a lot of hair growth on his forehead within a year. His appearance on 2014 varies a lot, with 2013. His hair has not only grown on length but also in huge volume. Experts suggested that he probably doesn’t undergo a hair transplant surgery. So hair building fibers is the only way.
  • Jermy Piven: there is a remarkable change in his pair pattern. In 2010 he had notable male pattern baldness. In in 2012 he was seen with silky smooth hairs allover his forehead. Many suggested that he has undergone a hair transplant. But at the same time he has used hair building fibers to hide the post-op marks.
  • Jamie Foxx: many pictures taken in 2013 showed that his hairline has gone up from the forehead. But in other images taken in 2014, you will find that there is perfect hairline on his forehead. It can’t be just a haircut for sure. He might have used hair building fibers at the edges.

The gorgeous heroines using hair building fibers

  • Naomi Campbell: the supermodel had a lot of hair issues. Till 2010 she relied upon weaves and extensions, all throughout her career. Experts suggested that she had traction alopecia. But in 2014 she was seen with colossal, smooth, thick hairs, without any visible signs of extension or hair transplant marks. This must be a miracle by some noble hair building fiber.
  • Stacy Fergie: many pictures exposed that she had the preliminary stage the women pattern baldness. In 2011 it was seen that there is a huge empty patch running vertically from the centre of her scalp. But latter in the same year she was seen with a gorgeous blonde look with no visible signs of hair loss. It is probable that she has used hair building fibers.


If you are using hair building fibers you are in good company.  Possibly your favorite movie star is using it right along with you.  And it is nothing to be ashamed of.  Because probably nobody can tell.  Hair fall is a part of life.  Hair building fibers are a part of life.  Everyone wants to be movie star beautiful.  So do I.  So do you.  And why not.  The better we look the better we feel.

If you have any hair loss, give our hair building fibers a try.  Look younger.  Feel better.  Try out for a movie part.  Let us know how you do.

toppik, caboki, xfusion price comparison

Brought to you by your friends at Finally Hair Corporation.  Give our hair building fibers a try and reverse hair fall and aging.

hair building fibers