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Hair Building Fibers Colors – How we differ from Toppik Caboki Xfusion and others

Hair Building Fibers Colors – How we differ from Toppik Caboki Xfusion and others

Finally Hair sets the standard in hair building fiber colors.  We have 20 colors to choose from.  We work hard to be sure our hair fiber colors suit all people and closely match standard hair dyes.  This makes it easier for our fiber users to get a perfect match.

In the rare instance where our hair building fibers don’t match your hair perfectly, you can mix and match the colors.  Here is a great photo of all of the colors together:

hair colors compared to brands like toppik caboki xfusion

Lets discuss the colors here so you can choose the correct ones for you.  Especially if you’ve been using other unrelated brands of hair fibers in the past.  Here’s some good hair building fiber color information:

Black Hair Building Fibers

We have two blacks.  Our jet black and our soft black. The jet black is a deep black.  While the soft black has a very slight 5% hue of blue (you don’t see the blue) which causes it to be milder. If you used Toppik, Xfusion or Caboki before, you may find that their dark brown color is close to our soft black though we feel the people with very dark brown hair should really try our dark chocolate brown.

Dark Brown Hair Building Fibers – two shades available

Finally Hair makes two dark brown shades.  The standard dark brown shade is for people who have natural dark brown hair which typically has a red base color.  This shade has a red base color so there is a very slight hue of red.  If you don’t want the red, then use dark chocolate brown instead.  Dark chocolate brown is a deeper brown with no red.  If you use a hair dye that is dark brown/black then dark chocolate brown is usually perfect.

Medium Brown

Finally Hair’s medium brown is a very warm medium brown shade.  It is very close to Toppik’s shade – maybe a very very little bit lighter.  It is a real match if you have medium brown hair.  One of our top sellers.

Light Brown

Our light brown shade is very similar to the light brown sold by other brands like Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion and the rest.

Light Medium Brown

People often ask us if our light medium brown is lighter than our light brown.  The answer is yes.  Light medium brown is our lightest brown shade.


Finally Hair blonde is a very light for people with bleached hair.

Medium Blonde

Our medium blonde is also a light medium blonde.  If you have a mid tone medium blonde we suggest the Golden Blonde shade.

Golden Blonde

This is a true medium blonde shade.  It is along the lines or the Toppik, Xfusion and Caboki medium blonde shade.

Dark Blonde

If you have dark blonde or dirty blonde hair this is the shade to try.  It is along the lines of Toppik, Xfusion and Caboki dark blonde.


Many red heads and people with auburn (brownish red) hair love this shade.  We have many female customers that order this shade.


This is a bright red for people with bright red hair.  If you have a milder red, we suggest the Auburn.

Dark Grey

This is an excellent color if you have dark grey hair.  However if you have dark hair with some grey, you may want to try our salt and pepper shades.


This is a mid grey.  Perfect if you have grey hair.  Very popular color.  Many people mix it.


This is an off white shade that has a slight yellow hue.  Many people mix this color into our other shades.

Pure White

This is a pure snow white color and it is stark white.

Salt and Pepper Light

This is a wonderful mixture of our light brown along with white and grey highlights.

Salt and Pepper Medium

This popular mix is our dark chocolate brown with some white highlights.  We highly suggest this color for people with dark brown salt and pepper hair.

Salt and Pepper Dark

This is our soft black with white/grey highlights.  Very popular.  Extraordinary mix.

We hope this article helps you decide which color is right for you.

Finally Hair is not related to Toppik, Xfusion, Caboki in any form or fashion. We respect their brands and their trademarks.  We mention them as reference because we get many communications from buyers asking these questions. This is an editorial article to help you decide which color is best for you. 

hair building fiber color chart

Benefits of Using Finally Hair Fibers blonde – blonde hair fibers

Anguish, extreme stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation, poor hair products, improper hair care etc are some of the common causes of hair-thinning and hair-loss, rapid thinning of hair, hair falling, and becoming bald. In today’s society where people are looks conscious hair-loss is an awful source of terrible embarrassment that can surely impact a person’s confidence. In times like this, blonde hair fibers are the immediate answer to hair loss. Using blond fibers offers several advantages such as –

  • Blonde hair fibers can quickly conceal and cover up the thin area of the hair and give the illusion of thick lush hair.
  • Manufactured by special secret process, hair fibers are well made keratin hair building fibers which are completely safe and easy to use.  Just shake them on and your balding spot disappears instantly.
  • Blond hair fibers neither harm the scalp nor clog the pores. They attach to the remaining hair or the skin naturally.  They don’t come off in the wind or come off easily when you hair spray them.
  • It prevents hair loss?  We are not sure of this but they don’t cause any additional hair loss.
  • Hair fibers dramatically enhances your appearance making you look younger and more attractive once again like you did when you were younger.
  • Because you lose the insecurity of looking old and balding, you regain back your confidence  self-esteem and pleasure.
  • Your personality is lifted because you feel good makes you more sociable and successful.
  • They are also able to stop further hair loss by using the hair regrowth solution along with it.

Using blonde hair fibers also facilitates the growth of new hair when you use it with minoxidil or propecia. If you use the mixture of these as a hair solution for at least for a month regularly on the sparse hair area, you should see growth of new hair there.

Please see our products here.

blonde hair fibers