Hair fibers for thinning hair

Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

The Advantages of Using Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

Among the various hair loss treatments available today, there are cosmetic hair restoration products like hair concealers and hair fibers for thinning hair that are gaining popularity like a house on fire because of the instant solution that they provide. There are many advantages of resorting to them as products for thinning hair. Some of them are:-

  • Going at a very important social or business event can be very embarrassing and self-depreciating with thin hair, patches of baldness or complete baldness. Hair concealers would be godsend gift and life saver in such a situation. It can give you that much needed extra doze of confidence and a spring to your feet.
  • Today, such products from reputed and credible brands like Finally Hair fibers for thinning hair are completely safe and hygienic to use and neither aggravate the scalp problem nor cause any new problems.
  • In case one has hair transplant scars or other temporary marks on the scalp, they can be easily concealed with these hair concealers.
  • While purchasing a wig or false hair coverings or even opting for various other hair loss treatments may be very expensive or unaffordable for many, it can be the cheapest and the most effective remedy available to tackle the issue. Moreover, it provides instant results.

How to hair fibers for thinning hair work?

With Finally Hair thinning hair fibers all you have to do is select the color that matches your hair color.  Here are the colors that are offered (color chart):

hair fibers for thinning hair

Then purchase the refillable hair fibers for thinning hair bottle of fibers.  Click here to purchase it.

hair fibers for thinning hair bottle

Also purchase the hair spray for thinning hair that locks in the fibers.  Click here to purchase the hair spray for thinning hair fibers.

fiber lock spray fpr thinning hair

  1. Wash and style your hair.
  2. Make sure it is completely dry.  Do not use any wet hair product like gel which can make fibers look less natural. If you want to use a great prep solution, use a light mist of Finally Hair fhPrep. fhPrep makes the fibers stand more upright.
  3. Style it for maximum coverage or the thinning areas
  4. Turn the hair fibers for thinning hair bottle upside down and shake or pat the fibers onto your thinning areas.
  5. Don’t shake on too much.  Just shake on enough to make the thin areas the same color as your hair.
  6. Once you have the thinning areas covered, pat your hair lightly to merge the fibers with your hair more.
  7. Apply Finally Hair Fiber Lock hair spray for thinning hair.
  8. Then enjoy looking younger, feeling better and a new image.