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New Product Release – Finally Hair Dab-on Hair Fibers Concealer – covers hair loss, creates brows, fills in beards

Finally Hair is pleased to announce the release of its all new Waterproof Dab-on(tm) Hair Loss Concealer, Root Concealer, Brow Builder, Beard Filler, Hairline Maker – Hair Thickener


Finally Hair Dab-on is a versatile sensational ground breaking hair loss concealer.  It has multiple uses. It can:

1. Conceal hair loss – If you have short hair this can work on its own.  If you have longer hair we suggest using is as an undercoat for our hair fibers. Style your hair for maximum coverage.  Dab on the concealer to fill in thin areas. Use it to create a perfect soft hairline. If you need more coverage, apply Finally Hair fibers on top of the dab-on concealer.  The softness of the dab-on can create a perfect hairline. It may take a little experimentation at first if you are a new user. Once you master it, the results will be an undetectable full head of hair that looks natural. It will bring a smile to your face when you look in the mirror and see a younger you.

2. Conceal roots – No more dreadful looking roots between hair coloring.  Dab it on your roots and watch them blend in with your colored hair.

3. Brow builder – Apply the dab-on to make perfect eyebrows.  It comes with an eye brow brush to make it easy.

4. Beard filler – Fill in thin beard spots instantly.

Finally Hair offers 23 colors of hair fibers and 11 colors of the Dab-on. If you are trying to match your hair fibers and your hair fiber color is not available these guidelines:

  • Dark chocolate brown: use dark brown
  • Soft black: use black
  • Light medium brown: use light brown
  • Light salt & pepper: use light brown
  • Medium salt & pepper: use dark brown
  • Dark salt & pepper: use black
  • Light grey & pepper: use grey
  • White: use pure white

Each Dab-on package includes the concealer fiber cream in the color of your choice (scroll down to see colors), dab-on puff that snaps neatly into the bottom of the container, and a handy folding brush. Compact and great for traveling, your purse, or your put it in your pocket. Washes out with shampoo.

Instructions for hair loss: Remove the Dab from the bottom of the Dab-on container. Dab it into the cream.  Dab it onto the thinning areas.  You can use the Dab to create a nice soft hair line. Apply the same color hair fibers to thicken areas where the Dab-on is not thick enough.

Instructions for eyebrows. Use either the Dab or the eye brow brush that is supplied.  Dab it into the cream.  Dab it onto your brows.  Remove any excess.

You can also use an eyebrow stencil to create a total or partial eyebrow. Hold the stencil in place. Rub the Dab-on from side to side. Remove the stencil and you will have a perfect brow.

Instructions for beard:  Remove the Dab from the bottom of the Dab-on container. Dab it into the cream.  Dab it onto the thinning areas.  You can also use the brush for fine tuning.  Remove any excess.

No water is required for our dab-on.  Do not wet the dab first.  Simply dab it into the cream.

Ingredients: Isononyl Isononanoate, Mica, Silicon dioxide, Water, Magnesium stearate, Polydimethylsiloxane, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), CI 77499, CI 77891, CI77947,CI 77491
Warnings: Avoid inhalation, consumption, or contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Try a small dab first, if any reaction occurs stop use immediately. For external use only.
Size: Dab on 4 grams

Stay Young Forever by – Root Touch up – Root Concealer – Finally Hair Lady’s Root Rescue

Root touch up – Stay Young Forever by Root Concealer with Finally Hair Lady’s Root Rescue

Shiny, long, healthy and stylish hair is an unspoken dream of every woman. Your hair not only defines you but it gives your personality that much needed edge. It is said that beautiful hair is a woman’s best ornament and so you want it to stay mesmerizing forever. But grey strands are those unwanted guests from which no woman can be saved. Sooner or later, it is going to become a part of your life forever. Hence the market is flooded with hair coloring products.

Hunt for Fashion:

Most of the women are so much into fashion that they as soon as they hunt a hairstyle of some celebrities in a fashion magazine, they rush to the salon and get the same done on their hair too. Either you are one of these women or you know someone who is. The results surely fabulous but what do you do when that gorgeous salon-look starts fading after a couple of weeks? You start having grey roots all over and your expensive salon-look simply slips away. Surely you cannot think of hitting the salon again because of obvious reason that is out of you budget.

What to Do Next:

Now you will start looking for some temporary solutions to hide those hideous grey roots. Some of them can be changing part of your hair as the hair color fades more quickly from the regularly exposed areas. You can also go for some touch ups with highlighter pen which is extremely handy. But these escapes are not efficient enough and hence not so reliable.

What you need is a temporary but efficient yet affordable root concealer rescue which is exactly what Finally Hair Lady’s Root Rescue is. It is an easy to use way to conceal those grey roots. You just need to apply it on your roots and grey strands and see them gone instantly. Then you’ll be just a hair spray away from your lost salon-look.

Exquisite Features:

Finally Hair Lady’s Root Rescue is such an extraordinary root touch up product that helps you keep your hair gorgeous forever. Some of its awesome features are:

  • It contains fibers of real keratin unlike many other products which contains fillers or wool.
  • There is absolutely no silica or ammonium chloride present.
  • It is made up of a formula which is anti-clump and so it doesn’t absorb any extra moisture or gets thick.
  • It has such strong grip when it is applied with a good hair spray that it is almost impossible to pull it off.
  • Moreover it is made of completely itch free formula and it comes with an applicator bottle which facilitates easy application.

A Dream Come True:

A root touch up hair product which is completely sensitive towards your strands and comes with absolutely no side effects is finally here for you. A dream hair is no more a dream with Lady’s Root Rescue by your side.

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