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Is Hair Fiber A Powder?

Is Hair Fiber A Powder?

Many people ask if hair fibers are a powder?

The answer is YES.

Hair fiber powder works in kind of a magic way.  Finally Hair fibers are intentionally cut very small to cling more to your hair and less to the scalp.  The secret is in the light weight cut.  If the fibers were cut heavy they would fall to the scalp and give the carpet effect.  An effect that hair fiber powder users are trying to avoid.

The idea is the powdery cut of the hair fibers enables the fibers to attach to the remaining hair.  If you visualize a tree trunk with branches in the fall.  It looks stark.  But lets say you added thousands of little branches to each branch and filled in the thin spots.  The tree would look full.

That is similar to how hair fibers work.  Hair fiber powder sticks to the existing hair like little branches of hair.  This gives the appearance of a full thick head of hair.  Houdini would have been proud of this powder trick.  While in Houdini’s day hair fibers didn’t exist, certainly Chris Angel can pull this trick off easy enough.  Just purchase Finally Hair fibers and turn the thin head of hair into a full head of hair.  The crowd will never even see the trick it looks so real.

Here is an image of how this hair fiber powder trick works:

hair fiber powder

If your hair is thin consider trying hair fiber powder from Finally Hair.

Finally Hair offers 23 colors of fibers to match most people’s hair.

Hair Powder Thickener

The hair fiber powder works on all types of hair including ethnic hair.  Many African Americans enjoy Finally Hair’s amazing results.

And if you need a soft hairline, consider Finally Hair shadow powder.  It is waterproof.  It creates a perfect soft hairline in seconds.

For more information you can sell all of Finally Hair’s products HERE.