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Alopecia Cover Up and How To Treat It Using fhPrep and Hair Fibers by Finally Hair

Alopecia Cover Up and How To Treat It – Use fhPrep. It will help produce results.

Hair loss can occur because of age, genetics or from disease. One of the most common diseases is Alopecia. Here is some basic info about the disease and how to treat it.

At its core the Alopecia or Alopecia Areata as it is more commonly known is a disease that attacks the hair and the hair growth and it is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. The disease actually works in very simple way, but it can never be fully treated. This is because this disease acts and influences the hair growth n the hair follicles. The simplest explanations of the hair follicles is that they are the beginning of the hair and there the hair growth begins. This disease attacks the immune systems and the follicles and that is why it is complicated.


Obviously the first symptom and the most obvious one is the hair loss. The hair loss starts with clumps of hair that create round hairless parts on the head. However, one important things you must notice is that sometimes your hair may not show any significant signs of hair loss and you still may have the disease. On the other hand, the disease may result in total hair loss with some people. But this is rare.

The sad thing about this disease is that the chances of having your old hair regrow are extremely minimal. Another tricky part is may not motivate it at all with your behavior and it can appear because of family history of this hair loss condition. As this disease is related to the immune system, its effects can be reduced significantly with the use of hair loss treatment products like vitamins, shampoos and hair fibers.


There are several options for treatment of hair loss that will reduce the effects of this awful disease. Vitamin products with minoxidil can help. Hair loss concealers and keratin based products are also very effective.  Shampoos with unique compounds of protein and moisturizers and various other natural ingredients can additionally improve your condition. However, these products must be combined with an instant solution that battles hair loss effectively and it improves visual appearance. We are talking about products such as hair fibers.

HAIR FIBERS – use fhPrep for optimal results

Hair fibers are easy to apply and can immediately make the hair look more natural. They are an amazing option in many cases and can even help you forget that you have Alopecia. They are available in different colors, are totally natural and are a great add up product to the hair growth product you will additionally use to reduce the effects of the disease.

Finally Hair highly suggests using fhPrep solution prior to applying fibers on areas where the hair is very sparse.   fhPrep helps the fibers to stand up and look more natural.  It also has its own bonding properties.

hair fibers alopecia prep solution

Finally Hair over the years proved that they can offer the best quality of hair loss fibers. Not only because of the quality and unique formula, but also because of the constant advancements in technology and nutrition used in their products. Hair fiber is an immediate and painless solution that can get you back your hair and make it look like there is not hair loss at all.

alopecia with prep

Understanding and Treating Alopecia Areata

Understanding and Treating Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is simply a synonym for hair loss. Alopecia Areata is a medical condition due to which a person loses hair because of the white blood cells of the immunity system attacking the hair follicles. This causes a temporary damage to the hair follicles but induces severe hair loss leading to baldness. The pattern of hair loss for men and women is different here.

The disease can affect any person of any age though people whose family has a history of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid diseases etc are more prone. It’s important to understand here that even though a complete cure is not possible, Alopecia Areata treatment is indeed possible.

The first and most prevalent treatment is corticosteroids injections taken into the scalp to suppress the immunity system functioning. The injection is taken every four to six weeks. In addition to it, Minoxidil treatment is taken twice a day. It takes about three months before visible results are seen. For those who are looking for immediate solutions to thin hair, the ultimate solution and best alternative to wigs are the Finally hair building fibers and concealers. They blend completely into the hair to give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair instantly.

Using Finally Hair to treat alopecia has become very popular.  When you hair is thin there are not many instant fixes.  With Finally Hair all you do is apply the fibers which takes only a few minutes and then spray fiber lock hair spray to make the fibers stick to your hair all day.

alopecia areata

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Hair Loss Fibers And Varied Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Hair Loss Fibers And Varied Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Hardly any of us realize that hair loss or alopecia is also of various types. This ignorance leads to failed hair loss treatment as one may not have opted for the right solution. So let’s first understand the various types of hair loss:-

Androgenic Alopecia

Commonly referred to as female or male pattern baldness, it is the most prevalent form of baldness and hair falling out in both sexes. This is caused by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) produced as a result of the male hormone, testosterone being converted by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. However the pattern of baldness in both sexes is different.

Alopecia Areata

An auto-immune hair loss condition, this is caused by the white blood cells of the body attacking the hair follicles. This culminates in hair loss for men and women.

Tellogen Effluvium

Male or female hair loss of this type is triggered by stress and depression and can be arrested by removing the disturbing elements.

Other types of hair loss are Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Ophiasis, Traction Alopecia, Chignon Alopecia, Trichotillomania etc. However, regardless of the type or cause, thinning hair treatments of both temporary and permanent variety is possible by taking the help of various esteemed hair therapy brands.

Another interesting approach is to use hair loss fibers to conceal hair loss and cover the thinning areas.  Hair loss are applied easily with an applicator that is much like a salt shaker.  The fibers come in 20 colors to match everyone’s hair.

Your first purchase should be the hair loss concealer in the bottle by Finally Hair.  This bottle is refillable and contains 28 grams (.99 ounces) of hair loss fibers.  Click here to order the hair loss fibers bottle.

hair loss fibers

After you purchase the hair loss fibers bottle, you can refill it.  The bottle opens so you can purchase the hair loss fibers in refill bags.  Here is how it opens:

hair loss fibers bottle open so you can refill it

The sifter comes off so you can purchase refill bags from there on.  Click here to see the refill bags.

hair loss fibers bottle and refill bags

After you shake the hair loss fibers onto your scalp use Finally Hair fiber lock hair spray to adhere the fibers.  Hair spray is required or the fibers will come off.  However with the hair loss hair spray the fibers will stay intact. Click here to see the hair spray.

The hair loss hair spray comes in two strengths.  Medium and Strong.  The medium is a styling spray.  The strong spray is what you use to lock the fibers in.  The fibers will stay in until you shampoo them out.

We also suggest that prior to applying the fibers you use our hair loss prep solution.  The solution tends to make the hair loss fibers stand upright and adds a nice touch.  It is all natural and good for your skin as well. Click here to see the hair loss prep solution.



Female hair loss – How to Prevent Hair Fall from Regular Washing and Styling?

Female hair loss – How to Prevent Hair Fall from Regular Washing and Styling?

Women, since the beginning of time have been seen as an embodiment of grace and beauty. It is said that the Gods themselves created or rather carved women out of the nature’s most eye-pleasing beauty and so every inch of a women’s body is as precious as diamond and deserves to be preserved forever. Though there cannot be any rationalizing about the parts of a women beauty, yet the beautiful, long, shiny and healthy hair is a women’s best ornament.

Present Scenario:

Coming back in today’s world, there are pollution with harsh climatic conditions and also the stressful lifestyle which people led and so there are women with their hair problems. Also due to this modern lifestyle women are completely into fashion and use hair products for styling their hair which are full of harmful chemicals.

The natural hair is way out of fashion now-a-days. Women run after fashion like a cat after mice. Such state of existence would require regular hair washing and styling which leads to hair fall.  Female hair loss is the enemy.

Some Simple Don’ts:

Hair fall is not something you can stop completely yet there are some really terrible mistakes which you constantly do with your hair. Avoiding these would surely decrease your hair fall which is your first step towards healthy hair. These mistakes are as follows:

  • Do not keep your hair loose for longer period of time and even if you do, go for hair masks and protein treatment on a regular basis.
  • Never apply hair colors at home.
  • Cutting your hair strands yourself is another big no.
  • Do not wash your hair daily. It strips off essential oils from your hair making it rough, dry and frizzy.
  • Even if you are in extreme rush, never apply heat styling rods or flat iron on wet hair.
  • Be careful while choosing your hair products. They should be alcohol and detergent free.
  • Always use combs with medium to wide tooth range and be patient while untangling your knots. Apply some hair serum and use finger-combing. It will save you from painful hair breakage and would lessen your tears too.
  • Do not use the towel too roughly in order to dry your hair. Technically, using the towel roughly would scrub off the leave-in conditioner as it create friction with hair cuticle very harshly and would ultimately damage your strands.
  • Never apply conditioner on your hair roots or scalp or you will end up with a film of dandruff on your scalp.
  • Never place the blow dryer directly or very close to your hair.
  • The obsession of having long hair keeps most women from trimming their hair regularly which is much needed for the healthy growth of the hair and eventually develop split ends.
  • Never use rubbery stuffs to tie up your hair as they cause breakage and also do not tie up your hair too tightly or in the same manner daily.
  • Lastly at nights, use silk pillow covers with a little bit of investment and avoid using cotton ones because cotton dries up your hair making it rough and less shiny.

It is true that everyone feels that they know their hair better than anyone else as their hairs are growing out of their own heads. But as it turns out they are the ones who play an important role in damaging them too.

If you are suffering from hair thinning there is one little secret that you should know about that can save the day.  Finally Hair thickening fibers.  With these fibers you can overcome the embarrassment of having thin hair when you don’t deserve it.

How do the fibers work?  You just shake them on your head.  They are like magic. They do their job and fill in the thinning spots on contact. Say goodbye to female hair loss.  You will no longer have thin hair.  You will have a thick, rich, filled out hair do.  Truly amazing.  The results will dazzle you.  To keep the fibers in place you simply spray them with Finally Hair fiber lock spray.  Now you can lay down on your pillow and have the confidence to know you look as beautiful as nature meant you to be.

female hair loss before after

This is the product:

female hair loss

female hair loss buy now

Why not give it a try?  Also be sure to grab the Fiber Lock Spray.

fiber lock spray



National Hair Loss Awareness Month- The American Academy of Dermatology – August as National Hair Loss Awareness Month

National Hair Loss Awareness Month- The American Academy of Dermatology – August as National Hair Loss Awareness Month

 What is the National Hair Loss Awareness Month?

Many countries across the world celebrate hair loss awareness. In some countries, a particular day of the year is considered as the hair loss awareness day. There are also many countries, like the US and the UK, where an entire month is considered to be the hair loss awareness month.

The American Academy of Dermatology has considered the month of August to be the National Hair Loss Awareness Month in the United States of America. While other countries celebrate different months of the year as their National Hair Loss Awareness Month, for the United States of America, it is the month of August.

For how long has the month of August been celebrated as the National Hair Loss Awareness Month of the year in the US?

This National Hair Loss Awareness Month has been celebrated in the United States of America for over a decade now. Since the year of 2001, this month has been celebrated in the United States of America. While in the other countries, different other days or months are celebrated as the same, for example, in the UK, May is celebrated as their National Hair Loss Awareness Month.

In the year of 2001, the American Academy of Dermatology or the AAD considered the month of August as the US’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month and since that year, this has been celebrated for millions of Americans in the US and as well as other parts of the world.

Why is the National Hair Loss Awareness Month celebrated?

Since the year of 2001, the AAD or the American Academy of Dermatology considered the month of August as the National Hair Loss Awareness Month in order to increase awareness among men and women about hair loss. Over 80 million American men and women suffer from hair loss problems. And around 50 million out of those 80 million are men. Even children suffer from hair loss problems.

While in some, the hair loss problem is not acute, in others, this problem is very acute. Heavy hair loss leads to alopecia. And increasing alopecia gradually leads to baldness. People at very young age suffer from hair loss and alopecia. Premature baldness is also becoming more common. Even teenagers and children are found to suffer from extensive hair loss problems. Thus in the National Hair Loss Awareness Month of August, awareness is spread across the country about hair loss. This awareness has helped people to understand the different causes of hair loss and also helped many people in working successfully in curing the problem.

hair loss awareness month

Finally Hair is the hair loss solution.  Give our product a try.

hair loss

Ethnic Hair Loss – How Finally Hair Helps Fight It

What is ethnic hair loss?

60% of women suffer from hair loss and other hair problems. For women from African-American background, the problem seems to be more intense.

What are the causes behind ethnic hair loss?

Their hairstyles are more complex than others. It includes weaves tight braids, corn rows, ponytails, extensions, barrettes and others. This condition is known as Traction Alopecia. It is the result of hair loss due to recurring application of pulling force on hair strands. The hair loss starts from edges of scalp, and finally results into descending hairline from the forehead, resulting into empty patches on the scalp and behind the ears.

Another complex condition is Central Cicatricial Centrifugal Alopecia (CCCA). It is a type of hair loss due to application of chemical relaxers, oils, dyes, gels, bleaches and others. Application of these compounds results into week keratin construction of the hair filaments, thus the hairs becomes fragile and can’t withstand tension. CCCA is one of the leading causes of hair fall in African women. The hair loss pattern is seen at the edges and at the center of the scalp.

How to prevent ethnic hair loss?

  • Avoid tying up hair too tightly. Tying up hair tightly, making braids can show early hair fall symptoms from age of 6 or early twenties. Giving less stress to hair at early stage can prevent Traction Alopecia. Also try to avoid wearing heavy hair-piece or applying weaves.
  • Change your hair style so that the affected part becomes less visible. Supplements like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and biotin can also prevent it in the initial stage.
  • Avoid having intensive chemical treatment, relaxers or applying heat to your hair. If you are having CCCA, then you will have to take anti-inflammatory. It should be taken after doctor’s approval. It strengthens hair roots. For critical cases, it is injected in the scalp.
  • If you have female pattern baldness, then hair fall is obvious even after having precautions. You should visit a doctor, where he will suggest medications. You can also have hormonal therapy, since this is a genetic type of hair loss.

Treatment for baldness due to ethnic hair loss

ethnic hair loss

  • Wigs: many have adapted this to camouflage their baldness. It comes in different shapes, colors and styles.
  • Weaves: the hair piece is sewn into the scalp.
  • Hair transplantation surgery: most invasive treatment, when active hair follicle is implanted to the regions with no hairs.
  • Hair building fibers: Finally Hair has the perfect line up of hair building fibers for ethnic hair loss.  With the largest color selection (over 20 colors) people from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life can find their instant solution.  Please check out our color chart:

colored hair thickener

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What are the causes and cure of Male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness can happen to both men and women at any point of age. But as the name suggest it happens to mostly men, which starts mostly at middle age. The hair loss starts from the center of the skull and progresses to the edge. Medically this condition is also known as androgenic alopecia.

Causes of this type of baldness:

A hair originates from a hair follicle. The life time of a hair is almost three years. In male pattern baldness the follicle becomes sunken, resulting in thinner hair each time. Ultimately, the thin hair remains suppressed under the skin, causing baldness.

  • Hormones: male hormones plays a crucial role in this kind of baldness. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone, by the scalp cells, which shrinks the hair follicle.
  • Age: most men have baldness symptoms at 50s. There can be decrease in testosterone, decrease in androgen receptors and many more. The compound Androgen supress scalp hair, on the other hand accelerates facial hair growth.
  • Genetic: baldness can also be blamed for genetic traits. A man is more porn to androgenic alopecia, if his maternal side have the same.
  • Medication: baldness is also enhanced by prolonged use of any drugs, or while recovering from any allergy or disease.


Treatment of male pattern baldness varies from person to person, depending upon the pattern. Scalp is also tested, to figure out the reason for baldness. You will also be tested if you other skin disease or nutrition deficiency.

  • Hairpiece:

This is a great option for the people with massive hair loss or complete baldness. The wig comes is various shapes, colours, hairstyles and can be fitted by experts to give you a natural look.

  • Medication:

There are also medicines and serums to resist hair fall. Some are applied to the scalp to recharge the follicle. When other form is oral medications, which promotes hair growth by controlling hormonal reactions.

  • Weaves:

It is an instant solution if you have at least 50% of hair on scalp. In this process wigs are sewn in the scalp. It conceals up the affected areas. The hair piece remains the same during bathing and sleeping, so no one finds out your baldness.

  • Hair transplant:

Male pattern baldness can be cured by removing hair from the active regions of the hair growth to the regions having no hair growth. The hair looks natural and permanent. It is the most expensive hair treatment.

  • Hair building fiber:

One cosmetic solution that is painless and works instantly for Male pattern baldness is hair building fibers.  Simply shake the hair fibers on your head and lock the fibers in with hair spray and watch the balding areas disappear.  Finally Hair is a leading manufacturer of hair fibers and sells them worldwide to thankful men and women who suffer from baldness.  For more information on Finally Hair fiber products click here.


The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution

Have you been losing sleep over a hair loss solution?

Do you know that the more you worry about a hair loss cure, the more hair you lose because of the stress? Whether you are losing hair because of lifestyle changes, workplace or family stress, nutritional deficiencies, or because of alopecia areata (a hair loss disease), it can be a very stressful condition that affects your self-esteem. Instead of losing more sleep and spending more time worrying about your falling hair and a hair loss solution, why not try hair building fibers or a hair loss concealer?

Keratin hair fibers are the latest innovation in hair care that can help you fight hair loss. While it may not be a hair loss cure, it most certainly is a hair loss solution that can make your hair look instantly thicker, covering all your bald spots, which in turn makes you feel more confident about yourself.

The hair building fiber is available in a multitude of colors that match the diverse shades of hair, so you are sure to find the color that you need. Some of the colors available in hair fiber are black hair fiber, dark brown hair fiber, medium brown hair fiber, light brown hair fiber, blonde hair fiber, auburn hair fiber, grey hair fiber, and white hair fiber. So you don’t have to worry about the hair building fibers being noticeable and looking awkward. With these many different shades of colors available, you can be sure of finding the color that most closely matches that of your hair. This ensures that the hair building fiber is inconspicuous and does not draw anyone’s attention. You can step out of the house with more confidence than you have felt in years with the keratin hair fiber.

Finally Hair has real keratin fiber, unlike many other brands of hair loss solution in the market which claim to be keratin but are not. Since Finally Hair is made of real keratin which is a fantastic hair building fiber, it clings to your hair through static electricity. You don’t get the appearance of clumps. You can also be sure of not waking up in the morning with embarrassing strands on your pillow. It also does not cause any itching as it does not contain silica, like most other brands do.

Finally Hair keratin hair fiber comes in an easy-to-use applicator that helps you spread the hair building fiber evenly over the spots that you want to conceal or even over larger areas where your hair has been falling out. You can apply hair sprays that are of good quality over these hair fibers without causing any damage to them. This means you can style your hair just as you normally do, without any problems.

hair loss solution - hair building fibers

Finally Hair comes with a 30-day guarantee and is the most cost-effective product in the market. Whether you are looking for a hair loss solution in a concealer or a hair building fiber, you will be delighted with Finally Hair. Step out into the world with confidence now!  Try Finally Hair.

Balding cure – Balding is a common disease accompanying aging – Finally Hair

Hair loss affecting our lives – balding cure

Hair loss is a very common condition affecting almost everybody’s lives at one point or the other. Balding can occur due to breakage of the hair shaft or due to decreased growth. Androgentic hair fall can be severe mostly in men. Hair, made up of a protein called keratin and grows on the outer of our skin. It is produced in the hair follicles.

As it produces new hair cells, old hair cells and pushed out of the skin at the rate of approximately 6 inches a year. The hair that is visible is nothing but a string of dead cells of keratin. Finding a few new strands of hair on your hairbrush is actually not a call for alarm as an average adult human head has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and losing 100 of them per day is considered normal. Each hair follicle has its own life cycle which is generally influenced by old age, disease or can be any other factor.  Turn to Finally Hair for a balding cure.

Types of hair fall

The medical term for hair fall is alopecia. It is of the following types:

  • Involution alopecia- Gradual hair loss due to age.
  • Androgenic alopecia- It is the gradual disappearance of hair from the crown area and frontal scalp in teens or in early 20s.
  • Alopecia areata- Patchy hair loss in young’s and adults alike resulting in balding.
  • Alopecia universalis- All body hair falls out including eyebrows and eye lashes.
  • Scarring alopecias- Permanent hair loss from skin disorder, tightly tying or roughly combing hair.

Preventing balding

  • Nutrition deficiency is one the major reasons of balding. It is wise not to succumb to medical treatments. They may not give you desired results but to prevent hair fall, you need to make your own efforts. Nutrional deficiency can be prevented by making some changes in your diet like increase the intake of protein-rich diet.
  • Vitamins play a vital role in preventing any wear and tear of the body. They are necessary to give proper nourishment to your hair, and helps in the growth of healthy black hair.
  • Hair follicles go dormant and inactive when hair gets dried. To restore this, messaging the scalp is the best option, stimulating the hair growth.
  • Hair fall is also result of excessive stress. Maintain a balance in your life and work and try to remain stress-free and see your hair grow.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair as wet hair is at weakest state and tend to break quickly.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as hair shaft contains one quarter water.
  • Avoid smoking as smoking is a major reason of blocking the amount of oxygen flowing to our scalp reducing hair growth.
  • Keep away from constant heating and dying as they thin and damage hair and makes it fragile resulting in balding.

Immediate balding cure

An immediate balding cure and hair loss solution is the use of hair building fibers to add thickness and volume to your thin areas.  Finally Hair Corporation is a manufacturer of balding cure fibers that you can shake onto your thin areas and the bald spots will disappear immediately.  If you pick the proper color the hair fiber will look exactly like your natural hair.  The hair fibers comes in 20 colors including various shades of black, brown, blonde, auburn, grey and white.

balding cure

This is a very simple balding cure.  First you shake the fibers onto your balding spot, then you spray with hair spray that is designed to hold the fibers on.  Now you have a full head of hair.

Finally Hair fiber is available in refillable bottles and refill bags.  You can shop by product or shop by color right on this website.  For any questions or additional information feel free to chat with us, use the contact us form, or call us.

Symptoms and Causes of Alopecia Areata Full Report

​​Defining the disease:

Alopecia areata is a medical term that is used to mean spot baldness. Hair fall is a very common process. Any healthy human being loses almost 50-100 hair strands per day. This type of hair loss is not abnormal. But when this number increases to 200 strands per day it is a problem that will only lead to baldness.

Reason behind spot balding:

The type of hair loss where the immune system starts attacking the hair follicles by mistake is called alopecia areata. In this case hair is lost from some areas as in some spots and slowly it might spread to the entire scalp. Usually the damage done to these follicles is not permanent. It is still a mystery why the immune system starts to attack the hair follicles. This type of hair loss is generally found in people who are less than the age of 20. But people of any age can suffer from this hair loss. Both men and women are affected by this disease equally.

​​Types of alopecia hair loss:

 Alopecia areata can be the reason for different types of balding. Each of these balding has different names.

  • Alopecia areata– the type where hair is lost in patches.
  • Alopecia totalis- the type where all the hair on the scalp is lost.
  • Alopecia universalis: the type where all the hair on the body is lost.

How to cure this disease:

Alopecia cannot be totally cured but there are ways it can be treated and in a few months hair will grow back in those areas. For treating alopecia corticosteroids sometimes injected in the affected areas or taken orally or can be applied on the skin by rubbing on it. Topical immunotherapy is done in some cases. When the hair loss is widespread or it keeps recurring this process is used.

Other ways of treating the disease:

In the initial stages of the treatment these are some of the things that you can do to help yourself overcome the disease. Using make up to minimize or hide the balding. This is preferred by most. You can also cover your head by wearing hats or scarves. Even wigs are used by many people.

Sometimes stress can play a major role in hair loss. Many people who are diagnosed with alopecia have been seen suffering from stress due to work pressure or any problems in the family. So reducing stress can be really helpful.

People with alopecia areata can use temporary makeup solutions to disguise the disease.  One great solution are hair building fiber by Finally Hair.  The fibers can be used to increase the thickness of the existing hair making it possible to comb over the bald spot and look totally natural.  Finally Hair fibers come in 20 hair colors and they work on all hair types.  You can shop by hair fiber color or by product type.

If you have alopecia areata it is best that you first purchase the refillable bottle of hair building fiber.  Then once the bottle is empty you can refill it with Finally Hair refill bags.

We suggest you let your hair grow enough that you can use your natural hair to disguise and cover the bald spot area as much as possible.  Comb your existing hair over the bald spot if possible.  Then apply the fibers to that spot.   You may also want to apply some fibers to your existing hair to thicken it and make it look like a perfect match.  Lastly use Finally Hair Spray to lock the fibers to your hair.