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Hair Loss in Women and How to Treat Baldness

Even though both genders have a chance of losing hair and balding, hair loss in women can tend to go more unmentioned. Hair loss in men is more known for being noticeable. However, it shouldn’t go unrecognized that women can suffer from bald spots and their hair falling out as well.

Hair Loss In Women

Despite the word “baldness” commonly being associated with the image of a bald man, women can experience balding too. This can lower a woman’s attitude about herself and toward her physical features just as much as losing hair can affect a man’s self-esteem. While some women may be more affected with hair loss than other women, there are several reasons that explain the cause of hair loss in women.

female hair loss before after

Why Women Lose Hair

One of the most popular reasons for women to lose their hair is because they are dealing with hormonal changes. Women can experience hair loss at points during menopause, after giving birth to their child, or when first going on certain birth control pills.

For other women, the cause of hair loss may be due to conditions such as thyroid diseases. Issues like this can have major symptoms that include hair loss and hair thinning.

There are even certain medications that women may be taking, which can result in hair loss as a side effect.

What to Do When Suffering from Hair Loss

A great idea for both men and women alike who are struggling with hair loss is for them to cover up bald spots with hair fibers. This is one of the best methods for treating hair loss because there’s no harm involved. In fact, Finally Hair Fibers is composed of natural materials and free of any hazardous toxins.

Ebay – Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion. Is it real or is it counterfeit? Toppik claims all sellers on Ebay unauthorized. Buyers Beware.

Ebay – Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion. Is it real or is it counterfeit? Toppik claims all sellers on Ebay unauthorized. Buyers Beware.

Hair fibers – what are you really putting on your scalp?  Can it be harmful?  Can it be dangerous to your health?  Yes.  It is very possible.

You know the old saying… “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

A customer recently asked us if the Toppik on eBay was real or fake.  They were confused about how the prices were as much as 70% lower than the prices from the manufacturer’s own website and other legitimate retailers like Sally Beauty Supply.  We suggested they contact the manufacturer and ask.  The customer was nice enough to forward us Toppik’s response:

Toppik’s response:

“Thank you for bringing this account to our attention. Toppik does not distribute or sell to any Ebay accounts. We cannot guarantee that this is our product, nor do we recommend buying it from this source. If you would like to purchase our products,  please contact our customer service at 1.800.844.2536 or via email at support@toppik.com for more information. Or visit our website at www.toppik.com


René Cervino / Client Relations Manager / Toppik
Church & Dwight Co., Inc”

So we did some investigation on our own.  We found several companies in China selling counterfeit Toppik.  We inquired and the companies were quick to respond that they sell knock off brand fibers which look exactly like the original on the outside.  We asked what the ingredients were and they sent us the exact same ingredient list that was on the Toppik bottle… but are they?

Further we asked about buying Caboki brand.  The same company responded that they sell Caboki knock offs too.

We contacted U.S. customs to ask how these products are making it into the country.  After they thanked us for making them aware of it they nicely told us that they can’t tell the difference so how can they stop it?  Good point.  The knock offs (counterfeits) bottles are made to match the real ones making this a daunting task.

We contacted eBay’s Vero department.  Vero responded that it is up to the manufacturer to police it.

Conclusion, if you see them on eBay for $12 range the odds are it is a fake.  One thing for sure, Toppik and other brands advise you not to buy it there.

toppik ebay pic

Picture above is from one ebay listing

Regarding Finally Hair fibers, we ship everything direct.  If the shipment isn’t from us directly, you can rest assured that something may be fishy.  Check the shipping address.  If it is not from our warehouses in Coconut Creek, Florida they are not an authorized seller.

For further information please feel free to write us at info@finallyhair.com.

Finally Hair has no relation to Ebay, Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion or any other brands.  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  This is an editorial message and is not meant to do anything other than warn consumers about counterfeit items. 


Dark Brown Hair Fibers vs. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Fibers How They Compare To Brands Like Toppik

Dark Brown Hair Fibers

Finally Hair has two shades of dark brown hair fibers.

  1. Dark Brown: This hair building fibers shade was originally matched to people who have natural dark brown hair which often has a red base color.  It is a very natural shade with a very slight red hue to match the red highlights that many people with natural dark brown hair have.  You can also use it on dyed hair.
  2. Dark Chocolate Brown: This hair building fibers shade matches to people who have a deep dark brown hair color.  The color could be the result of natural hair or dyed hair.  It has NO red so it is a very good match for people with very dark brown hair.

Often people ask us which of our colors is the best match to Toppik brand hair fibers.  Toppik dark brown hair fibers are very dark and border on our dark chocolate brown and soft black colors.

We suggest using dark chocolate brown if your hair is really brown and soft black if your hair is really more black.

Here is a picture of the dark brown (bottom), dark chocolate brown (middle), and soft black (top) next to each other.

dark brown hair fibers

You can shop by hair color on our website.  You can also view our color chart and view a picture of all of our hair fiber colors by clicking here.  We hope this helps you to decide which color is right for you.

All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Hair Loss Doesn’t Have To Mire Your Confidence – Changing Things Up With Hair Fibers

Hair Loss Doesn’t Have To Mire Your Confidence – Changing Things Up With Hair Fibers

When you talk to people about hair loss, they immediately think of bald men. The truth of the matter is that men and women can face this issue overall. Anyone that is dealing with pattern baldness, thinning hair, and aging will tell you that it’s a tough thing to deal with. Some immediately go to over the counter options and end up realizing that most things do not help. That’s right, there are a lot of things that you can try, but it doesn’t immediately change things up. Instead of feeling down, and dealing with the issues associated with thinning hair or loss, consider hair loss concealer.

A New Hope

First and foremost, hair fibers are not the same as other options. Other hair treatments utilize gels, foam, and even colored sprays. You’re not going to be “painting” the issue, and you’re not going to have your fingers crossed in regards to getting hair to regrow. When you focus on concealers, you will be filling in the gaps that the follicles may leave. Then you will be binding it, so that you have the look and feel of real hair, not just something that masks it. You’ll be surprised by how well this works, because the elements fill in things in a way that others just can’t.

Women’s Issues

Women that have thinning hair can have a lack of confidence. A woman losing her hair, or having it thin out will no doubt go into panic mode. Men can weather the storm and shave their heads, but women don’t usually have that option. That’s where this option comes into play for them. Women that do not want to wear wigs, or may not have a great deal of loss will definitely want to look into how isolating hair fibers and hair loss concealer can help with filling in the gaps a bit easier. This is an easy way to move forward, and it absolutely gives a sense of confidence to women that have thinning follicles.

Testing The Waters

The best thing about all of this is simple, it works. You can absolutely use the fibers without worry, and with 20 colors that match all hair types. If you’re not sure about all of this, or you just don’t know what to do, consider testing it once. Test how hair loss concealer can work for you, and you’ll never look at thinning hair the same way again.

hair loss

hair loss fibers color chart

hair fibers

Why Finally Hair fibers are better to use?

Why Finally hair fibers are better to use?

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are used to make the natural hair shafts look thicker, fuller and more voluminous that they actually are. The hair fibers are also used to cover up bald spots on the scalps. And as such, the hair fibers are also known as hair thickening fibers or hair loss concealers. People apply these hair loss concealers or hair thickening fibers on their scalp and hair shafts to make them look instantly healthier and voluminous. While other methods or treatments may take lots and time and may not always be successful, the use of the different types of hair fibers gives results instantly after every use.

What are finally hair fibers?

The hair fibers give sure results of instantly thickened hair shafts. Thus, many people are found to use different types of hair occasionally. There are also many people who use these products every single day. And in the present times, due to the more and more increasing popularity and success of the different hair thickening fibers, many companies are manufacturing different types of hair fibers. And out of the different companies’ hair fibers available in the market, the finally hair fibers are better (and different) than most other companies’ different types of hair fibers.

Different types of hair fibers:

In the present times, there are a number of companies which manufacture hair fibers of different types. These hair fibers can be dry or powder based or can also be liquid based. The liquid based hair fibers usually come in spray bottles for easy applications. Crème based and gel based hair fibers are also available in the market. While buying hair fibers, you must look for hair fibers that are made up of natural fibers. Even if you are buying any artificial hair fibers, avoid the ones which use ammonia or any other harsh chemicals in them.

Why it is better?

Among the different types of hair fibers available in the market today, the Finally Hair fibers are better (and different) than most of the others. While there are many reasons behind this, the most important reason is that not only the Finally Hair fibers are made from natural fibers; they also contain protein fibers and keratin fibers in them. Thus the continuous use of the Finally Hair fibers will make your hair permanently thicker and healthier. The Finally hair fibers instantly cover bald spots on the scalp. The finally hair fibers also sweat proof and long lasting. They are also easy to apply on the hair and scalp.

How to get them?

hair fibers


You are already on the Finally Hair website if you are reading this blog.  Simply click on the Our Product tab at the top or click this button to see all of the hair fibers choices.

hair fibers