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What makes up the best hair fiber product?

What makes up the best hair fiber product?

The answer is based on several factors.  First and foremost the best hair fiber product should be healthy.  If the hair fiber product contains ingredients like silica, hydantion, ammonium chloride, animal bacteria, preservatives, drying agents (to keep them from clumping), then how can they be healthy.  In fact, the Center For Disease control warns against using products with those ingredients on your skin.  If you were to search Google, you would quickly realize that Finally Hair is your best choice because our hair fibers don’t contain any of those suspect ingredients.

Another factor to consider is cost.  Hair fibers products have to fit into your budget.  You may want to see our article on price comparison between different brands which tells how cost effective Finally Hair is compared to other brands.

You may also consider that fibers that are finer in texture cling better to your remaining hair because they weigh less.  This means you can use less to get the same effect.  And avoid that carpet effect at the same time.

The more colors that are offered is also a consideration for best hair fiber product.  The closer the match to your hair the better.  Most manufacturers make 8 to 10 colors while Finally Hair makes 20 colors to match more closely.

Finer cut hair fiber product will apply more precisely giving a better look.

Another important factor is how the hair fiber product is offered.  The ideal solution is to have a refillable bottle and to be able to purchase refill bags.  This keeps the cost lower and the price more affordable.  Finally Hair offers refill bags so you can purchase almost twice as many fibers in the refill bag for close to the same cost as a bottle.  If you are worried about spilling fibers, you can purchase a small funnel so the fibers slide right into the bottle.

Customer service is paramount.  When you have a question about hair fiber products you want someone who will answer responsibly and be there when you need them.   We are told that it is nearly impossible to maintain 100% feedback on Amazon. Yet Finally Hair has 100% feedback for the last 3 months straight.  That’s because we aim to please.  We have a person on chat ready to respond to you in real time.  If you email we answer typically within a few hours and always less then 12 hours.

In conclusion, you would be hard pressed to find a better offer for hair fiber products than Finally Hair.  We even offer free samples.  Folks it doesn’t get any better than this.

We appreciate our customers and hope our customers stay with us for life.

Best Hair Fibers Price/Cost Comparison – Toppik, Xfusion, Caboki? Lowest Price/Highest Prices Who wins?

Best hair fibers price comparison cost comparison reviews as of October 5, 2015:

Finally Hair: Big size 28 gram shaker can $19.29 (source Finally Hair website FinallyHair.com). Refill bags are also available in many sizes. Example: 25 gram $12.49 or a 57 gram (2 ounce) bag is only $21.69.
Use coupon code: TryFinally (get 25% additional off on your order plus free shipping in USA). toppik, caboki, xfusion price comparison

Toppik:  27.5 gram bottle $46.95 (source Toppik website toppik.com)

Caboki: 25 gram bottle $34.95 (source Caboki website caboki.com)

Xfusion: 28 gram bottle – Sells through retailers prices vary (source Xfusion website xfusionhair.com)

Bosley: 12 gram bottle $30.00 (source Bosley website bosley.com)

Viviscal: 15 gram bottle $24.99 (source Viviscal website viviscal.com)

Kerafiber: 28 gram bottle $44.95 (source Kerafiber website kerafiber.com)

Nanogen: 15 gram bottle $25.95 (source nanogen website nanogenhair.com)

Infinity: 28 gram bottle $49.99 (source infinity website infinityhair.com)

Hairmax: 27 gram bottle $35.00 (source hairmax website hairmax.com)

Strand: 12 gram bottle $19.99 (source strand website strandmaximizer.com)

Hair Illusion: 38 gram bottle $39.95 (source hair illusion website hairillusion.com)

Mirage: 25 gram bottle $39.95 (source mirage website miragehairfibers.com)

Nexgen: 25 gram bottle $15.50 which retails for $19.95 (source folica website folica.com – we could not find the nexgen manufacturer’s website)

Focus: 18 gram bottle $24.95 (source focus website focushaircare.com)

Surethik: 13 gram bottle $29.95 (source surethik website surethik.com)

Megathik: 27 gram bottle $32.00 (source amazon.com – we could not find a megathik website)

hairsoreal: 15 gram bottle $19.95 (source hairsoreal website – hairsoreal.com)


Finally Hair maintains being the highest quality and lowest cost hair building fibers on the market.  Our products are priced between 25% to 75% lower than unrelated brands like Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion, Bosley, Viviscal, Hairmax, Kerafiber, Strand, Infinity, Hair Illusion, Mirage, Nexgen, Focus, Megathik, Surethik, hairsoreal, and Nanogen on its refillable bottle of fibers.

Finally Hair also sells refill bags of hair building fibers that can be used in most brands of bottles for from 50 to 80% less per gram.  I couldn’t find refill bags from companies like Toppik, Caboki, Xfusion, Bosley, Viviscal, Hairmax, Kerafiber, Strand, Infinity, Hair Illusion, Mirage, Nexgen, Focus, Megathik, Surethik, hairsoreal, and Nanogen which means you have to buy and pay for their bottle over and over again.

Most bottles of fibers open.  Here is a picture of the components of a Finally Hair bottle which is similar to other manufacturer’s bottles:

best hair fibers bottle

You can order refill bags once your container is empty:

best hair fibers

best hair fibers products

We hope this price comparison helps you to decide on which is the best hair fibers brand and which suites your pocketbook or wallet most effectively. We take pride in providing the best quality fibers at the best price anywhere.

Finally Hair is not related to any of the other above companies.  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and we make no claims to them. Finally Hair makes no guarantees about the above prices other than they were the published prices on the corresponding company’s website (like toppik.com, caboki.com, xfusion.com, kerafiber.com, nanogenhair.com, xfusionhair.com, infinityhair.com, strandmaximizer.com, hairmax.com and viviscal.com, hairillusion.com, miragehairfibers.com, folica.com, focushaircare.com, surethik.com, amazon.com, hairsoreal.com on this date.

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