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Free Sample Hair Fibers – 2 week supply 100% Free. No obligation. 23 colors to choose from.

Free Samples Hair Fiber with No Obligation To Buy

Free hair fiber samples of our award winning hair fibers are now available in 23 colors.  The sample should last a 2 weeks.

You will receive 10 grams of top quality hair fibers inside our full size 28 gram refillable bottle. The samples are free (a small S & H fee may apply).

Once you use up the 10 grams you can save even more by purchasing our hair fiber refill bags.  A 57 gram refill bag fills our bottle two times.  And the sale price is only $21.69.

Here is what you will receive:

free sample hair fibers

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The free samples are available in these hair fiber colors:

hair fiber colors

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**** IMPORTANT **** Finally Hair fibers DO NOT contain any silica, DMD hydantoin, ammonium chloride, Cellulose, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminate Silicate, Phenoxyethanol, preservatives, or drying agents.

If you were using a different brand of fibers and they stick better without hair spray, it is likely they contain those dangerous chemicals which are on the Center for Disease Control’s SEVERE WARNING LIST of what NOT to use on your skin or scalp.

Finally Hair simply refuses to put potentially harmful chemicals in our fibers. Hair spray works better without endangering our customer’s health.  Finally Hair fibers are the pro-health choice. Finally Hair STRONG fiber lock spray is recommended.  Please apply the fibers and then lock them to your hair with Extra Hold pump spray.

Click here to view our STRONG fiber lock hair spray which is the best on the market. When you lay on a pillow hardly any will come off with this spray.  Yet it washes out easily.

Also, click here to read our hair fiber directions page and click here to watch our demonstration video.

Menopause and Hair Loss – How they are Linked – Hair Fibers Can Help

Menopause and Hair Loss – How they are Linked

One of the most common symptoms witnessed during menopause is female hair loss. Menopause by itself is a difficult stage to accept but hair falling out aggravates the situation. Causes of hair loss in women during menopause are basically due to the unexpected effects of the hormonal changes in the body.

Menopause and Hair Loss- The hormone oestrogen and testosterone have an impacting influence in promoting hair growth. During menopause, hair growth promoting hormone, oestrogen’s level decreases and the testosterone level increases disproportionately in the body. This is what causes hair loss and even the appearance of facial hairs in females.

Besides this, other factors also cause hair loss. Undue stress, depression and medication taken during this phase also contribute to it. A nutritionally deficient diet can further aggravate the situation.

Some ways of controlling is to use best hair loss shampoo, do plenty of exercise and de-stressing activities and try to remain as relaxed and calm as possible. Regular scalp massages with good oil, well proportioned diet and consultation with the doctor also helps. An instant remedy for hair loss to help you feel yourself would be the usage of hair fibers and concealers of a quality brand like Finally Hair.

Finally Hair is a quick fix for this situation. The way it works is you take a bottle of Finally Hair and dispense the fibers on to the thinning area filling in the problem spots. Now this may only be a temporary fix but it is also a great relief instead of having to wear a hat or some other sort of head wear so it’s not seen. Instead the product fill’s in the thinning area and poof the stress is gone and the appearance of your hair is back, your hair looks full and you have the same beautiful image you had before. You’ll feel like a million bucks and won’t be breaking the bank. With Finally Hair you finally win!

Their is always something that can improve a product. Well when it comes to hair fibers the prep solution is the icing on the cake. It gives the fibers an extra boost almost. Making them stand up more and you will definitely see the improvement when using the solution. Apply a light mist of the prep solution to dry hair, wait about a minute or two for it to dry and work it’s magic then apply your hair fibers. You’ll see the difference and be satisfied with the results.

hair fibers prep solution

It’s fiber time! Now after you’ve used the prep solution and let it dry the fibers will be more then happy to join the prep solution so they can work together as a team to thicken and fill in the uncovered thinning area, creating a work of art on your head. All you’ve got to do now is fill in the areas to your liking with the Finally Hair fibers. You’ll be pristine in a jiff!

hair loss treatmenthair loss in women

Now just like any great master piece theirs a finish. For this one it’s the fiber locking hair spray. The substance you’re about to apply to your hair and fibers comes in two different strengths, super strong and medium. This is what will hold the fibers in place until you decide you want to wash them out. You can actually even sleep with the fibers on, noting that they won’t look as great when waking up because of the common bed head they’ll still be on.

fiber hair spray

Some of the popular men’s hair styles for thinning hair

Some of the popular men’s hair styles for thinning hairWhy are haircuts and hair styles so important?

Hair style is an important part of your look. Even a little change in your hair style can make you look completely different. While a good haircut and hair style can make you look beautiful or handsome, a bad haircut and hair style can also completely ruin your entire look. Haircuts and hair styles are actually completely responsible for framing your face and giving you that perfect look. Unless you are an expert, go to a professional to get your haircut done. Go for a haircut that suits your face cut appropriately.

What are the different factors on which the haircuts and hair styles for thinning hair depend?

There are number of different haircuts and hairstyles for thinning hair. However, one haircut, which suits a person, may not suit another person. There are different factors which determine which haircut or hair style will actually suit you. The face cut of a person is the most important factor. There are different haircuts and hair styles for different face cuts.

There are different haircuts for people with different face cuts like broad face, square face, round face, thin face and many more. All the haircuts are targeted to make your face look absolutely perfect. People having broad forehead are given haircuts which will make their foreheads look much smaller. Also men having thin hair are given different haircuts and hair styles.

What are the different popular hair styles?

There are many hair styles which are popular with men who have thin hair. Some of these popular men’s hair styles for thinning hair are as follows:

  • Classic short hair styles for thinning hair

This hair cut is very common with men having dark and thin hair. This is because when the hair is short and dark, it looks much looks much thicker. This hair style is characterized with slightly elongated hair cut on the top part and short on the rest.

  • Short silhouette hair styles for thinning hair

Short silhouette hair style is yet another hair style for men having thin hair. This hairstyle is preferable for people having a good face shape. The short silhouette hair style is characterized by extremely short hair all over the head. Many celebrities all over the world are found to have this haircut.

  • Hair styles for thinning hair with texturized top

Men having very fine hair all over the head without any severe baldness anywhere are best suited for this hair style. This hair style, characterized by textured hair on the top section makes your hair look full and thick.

  • Side savvy hair style

This hair style is characterized with side parting. It suits almost all types of face cuts. This hair style makes your hair look longer and thicker.

In each hair style for thinning hair the ideal way to fill in the thinning balding spots are with Finally Hair Building Fibers.  The fibers attach to your natural hair giving the illusion of a full thick head of hair in seconds.  Just sprinkle the fibers on with the shaker bottle and watch your hair thicken before your eyes.  Say goodbye to bald spots.  Say goodbye to embarrassment.  Say hello to the way you used to look years back.  Watch this video:

This video is in real time.  In under 5 minutes… a full dazzling head of beautiful hair.

hair styles for thinning hair

hair loss

Hair Fall, what are the healthy foods for healthy hair?

Hair Fall: What are the healthy foods for healthy hair?

Hair is a valuable asset of beauty and pride. Many people spend recklessly on hair every now and then. Some likes to spend on trendy hairstyle, colors, while others have a cupboard full of costly hair products. But even after spending so much, at the end of the day the problem remains the same that is hair fall. Even the extensive chemical treatments, colors, heating equipment are much responsible for the present condition of your hair.

How to take care of hair?

May be you are having spas, using branded hair products, but it is not sufficient to have thick and long hair. A hair takes birth from a hair follicle, present under the skin. It goes through three stages, the growing phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. For normal hair the whole process takes three years. In case of persons having hair loss it is seen, that the resting phase is too short. Thus to have a strong and thick hair, you should provide nourishment internally. Having a healthy, nutritious diet can solve most of hair and skin relates problems.

Good foods for good hairs
  • Protein:

A hair strand is made up of protein. So people who have thin, brittle and dry hair are the result of protein deficiency. It is important to have regular intake of egg, fish, chicken, turkey, and others. For vegetarians nuts and legumes can solve the purpose to some extent.

  • Minerals:

Persons having anaemia is seen, with too little hair. The reason is iron deficiency. The iron deficiency results into less blood supply to the fair follicle. Thus the roots become week and hair fall starts. So you must have plenty of animal products like red meat, chicken and fish. For vegetariansspinach, green leafy vegetables can solve the problem.

  • Vitamin:

Vitamin C aids in absorption of iron and acts as an anti-oxidant. It produces collagen that strengthens the hair strands. Blueberries, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, guava are acts as an excellent source of vitamin C.

You should also protect your hair from sun damage by having vitamin E. Nuts are the rich source of vitamin E.

The come to vitamin A. It is required to produce sebum by the sebaceous gland. This makes your hair silky and smooth. Orange, pumpkin, carrots is a store house of vitamin c.

What’s more?

Along with nutritious diet you will have to be stress-free. Have a plenty of sleep and practice meditation daily to reduce stress.

Cure and Solution to hair fall.

hair fall solution

If you suffer from hair fall you can take care of it instantly by using Finally Hair fibers to fill in the hair fall region.  Please see our video:

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Fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair: how to achieve it : hair thickeners by

What are the different ways to achieve fuller, thicker looking and healthier hair? Hair thickeners for one!

There are many different types of ways of getting fuller, thicker looking and healthier hair. In the present days, there are different types of treatments and methods available which will help your hair to grow fuller, thicker and healthier. Hair transplants is one of the most common type of hair treatments that many people opt for to get fuller and thicker hair. Other types of treatments are also available. Different types of hair care products are also used by many people to get fuller and thicker hair. In the present times, different types of hair thickening fibers are coming up which will make your natural air look instantly voluminous and fuller.

What is the best and simplest way?

As it has been already mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, there are a number of different ways to get fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair. However, the use of the different types of hair thickening fibers, which are also called hair loss concealers, is the best and simplest way to achieve the desired results. Different hair treatments like hair transplants are really expensive and sometimes do not give the effective results. The different hair care products may also not be the most effective and can also take many months to show effective results.

However, the use of hair thickening fibers or hair thickens makes your hair thick and full instantly. These thickening fibers get adhered to your natural hair shafts and thus give you fuller, thicker looking, and healthier hair. While using hair thickeners, you also do not need additional hair sprays to keep them in place.

How do the hair thickening fibers or hair thickeners work?

Mostly, the hair thickening fibers are made up negatively charged fibers. Thus once applied over the scalp and hair, they get attached to the positively charged natural hair shafts. As a result, you do not need to use any other hair spray over the hair thickeners to keep it in place. As the hair thickeners get adhered to your hair, they made your natural hair look fuller and more voluminous quite instantly. Go for natural fiber hair thickeners while buying them. Some of the good quality hair thickeners are also made up of protein or keratin fibers and thus regular use of those products will your hair grow thicker and healthier permanently.

Look to for your hair thickeners and you will have a full head of thick hair in minutes.  Our hair thickeners are composed of hair fibers that cling to your existing hair.  The hair thickeners come in 20 colors for all hair types and all hair colors.  We offer two shades of black, two shades of dark brown, two shades of medium brown, two shades of light brown, four shades of blonde, auburn, red, two shades of grey, and three shades of salt and pepper.

hair thickeners

order hair fibers

Full Hair instantly with hair thickening fibers – Get thicker fuller hair instantly or your money back :

How to get instant thicker and fuller hair?

There are a number of ways of getting thicker and fuller hair instantly in the present days. With the passing days more and more different ways are coming up and they are also becoming quite easier. While some of these ways of getting instant thick and full hair are quite expensive, some others are reasonable. However, one of the simplest ways of getting thicker and fuller hair within a very short period of time is by the application of hair thickening fibers. They are also known as hair fall concealers.

What are hair thickening fiber?

The use of hair thickening fibers is a quick and easy way to get that fuller and thicker hair look that you desire. All you have to do is apply this fibers all over your hair and experience your hair becoming fuller and thicker quite instantly. Always opt for good quality hair thickening fibers for a completely natural look. Good quality hair thickening fibers or hair fall concealers are also long lasting and water and sweat proof to help them stay on your hair for long hours.

What are the different types of hair thickening fibers or hair loss concealers?

Hair thickening fibers or hair loss concealers is available in different types and varieties. Some of these varieties are:

  • Dust form hair thickening fibers
  • Liquid form hair thickening fibers (can be water based or oil based)
  • Gel form hair thickening fibers
  • Crème form hair thickening fibers

Each of these varieties is again available in different types. While some of these are made from artificial fibers, many others are made up of natural fibers. While buying a hair thickening fiber or a hair loss concealer, go for the ones which are made from natural fibers as they are not harmful to your natural hair shafts.

How to apply the hair thickening fibers?

There are different ways of applying different types of hair thickening fiber.

  • Dust form hair thickening fibers

This type of hair thickening fiber, which is available in dust form, can be simply sprinkled all over the head to get an instantly fully and thicker hair look.

  • Liquid form hair thickening fibers (can be water based or oil based)

These liquid varieties of hair thickening fibers or hair loss concealers usually come in spray bottles for easy applications.

  • Gel form hair thickening fibers

You have to gently apply the gel form hair thickening fiber all your over hair to get the fuller and thicker hair look instantly.

  • Crème form hair thickening fibers

Like the gel form hair thickening fibers, the crème form hair thickening fibers are also to be gently applied all over your hair. You either use a hair brush or your hands for this method.

hair thickening fibers is the place to go to get hair thickening fiber.  We carry 20 colors and our fibers are guaranteed to work or your money back.  Please see our products.